A look around my blog, What's new?

A lot has changed on my little space on the internet: my blog's name, it's contents and the layout to name but a few. As you may or may not have noticed (depending on if you have been on my blog in the past or not), the layout has changed over the 18 months it has been alive for.

An old blog layout
This is basically to make it easier, smarter and more professional but keeping my personality also with the pretty floral and vintage elements so I am going to take you around my blog as a little guide to all of its features!

So here is 'A look around my blog, What's new?'...

Let us do a throwback to begin with in the form of some previous layouts my blog has seen!

My first ever blog layout, awwwwwwwww

Second layout! Nostalgia or what
If you remember these layouts then my golly gosh you have been here a while, haven't you?!

And now for Cheer Up Buttercup latest design...


Starting at the very top with my "Cheer Up Buttercup" logo. The image is my own that I have edited and put text over for use on here. Say you have just finished reading a post and you want to go back to the home page. Well, just simply click on this then you are there, simples!

 Underneath this is the links to different pages, a new feature: About me, Contact, Disclaimer and Featured.
There's a little info about moi on the About Me section, if you wish to get in touch with me visit the Contact page and the Disclaimer page is basically explaining my blog i.e. the content that gets published (including photographs/images used) and PR things.
Featured page is where I have been, well, featured in other blogs.
Moving onto the right hand side, next to the posts. There is a photograph of me (hello!)
Underneath that, my social media links can be seen: (L-R) Google+ , Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter.
Click on the logo to take you to my profile and if you wish, hit the follow button!
Most of them I do post on and will publish my recent blog posts on them, keeping you in the know of my weird life.
Next up is a 2x3 grid of my newest Instagram photos, which is also a latest addition to my blog. Follow me if you wish.
The post content links is another addition to the blog. "Beauty, Fashion, Home, Lifestyle, Make, Reviews" which sums up the blog content I produce.
 If you wish to read a fashion post then simply click on "Fashion" and it will come up with all of the posts I have written and produced for you to delve into.
This is the same for the rest of them.
Clever, eh?!

If you want to read more of my posts then Popular Posts is great for you!
It used to have the first image used in the post with the title at the side of it but now the main aspect of it is the image with the title below it.
Since I am a visual person, I find it is much more pleasing to the eye.
After that, all of my published posts, under "Blog Archive", are found so sit back, grad a cuppa and enjoy some older posts and cringe at them with me hahaha. 
This is then followed by a Follow by Email ie "Subscribe via email".
If you like my blog and would like to keep up to date with my posts then simply enter your email address and every time I publish something, an email alert will come to you! 
You also have the option to change the language of the blog if English isn't your first language then you can change it, which is very handy!
Finally, the Girl Gang logo, the newest addition to my blog.
This is something that I recently joined and it is a group of bloggers, both male and female, who spread positivity and happiness in the blogging committee.
For more information about this fabulous group, click here.

Well, there you have it!
A new look for my blog!
Do you like it my latest layout? I hope you do!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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