A Spring Upcycle

I have for you an up cycle today for you and it comes in the form of this green stool I use in my bedroom.

I originally bought this as it would fit in my bedroom, which I wanted green (bold I know) and it came in so useful to put my laptop on it when I am watching something so because of that, I didn't want to get rid of it since I have redecorated my room.

The plain, bold stool before I
got my hands on it.
Therefore my creative juices got flowing and I decided to give it a face lift. and a lick of paint.

So here is 'A Spring Upcycle'...

Here is the bright green stool before anything was done. As you can see I have had it for a while with all of the marks on it! I love love love the top as it reminds me of a star... I'm weird, I know!

What I used:
Cream paint, two coats
A small paint brush
Some wallpaper I found lying around
PVA glue
What I did:
I cleaned it down first and gave it a good old wipe so it was spotless.
Once that was done and dry, I drew and cut out enough wallpaper sample to cover the top and the sides of the stool.
Then, brushing the glue all over the top whilst pouring it out, I placed the cut out wallpaper on the top, adding pressure on it so there wont be any bubbles.
Next, carefully cutting a couple of slits around the paper around the legs of the stools and folding the paper over the edges to make sure it covers all of it then I glued it all down.
Cut off any extra paper that is over the edge.
Because the paper's background was cream, it was fine if the paint went on it. However, if the paper was a different colour to the paint then I would have painted the legs first. Anyway, I painted the stool, if you hadn't of guessed already, with two coats and left to dry in between.
And voila, it stool has had an up lift.
Here is the final up-cycle:

I love it, it now fits in perfectly with my vintage inspired room!
Bird/floral patterns are my favourite, I am a sucker for them so this is so perfect. To make it even more perfect, you can still see the cool star thing on the top which I loved originally about it.
Such a great little way to up cycle things to fit in your room!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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