To the moon and back

This post will be slightly different in the fact that it won't have too much text but plenty of photographs.

I decided to take my Nikon Coolpix camera outside in the pitch dark on the 24th June to see if I could see the Northern Lights. However, I wasn't high up enough so I didn't get the chance to see their beauty but I saw something else equally beautiful, the moon and stars (I know you see them every night but still, I got some good photographs!)

Anyway, this is my To the moon and back| Photography Edition...
Please note that I had originally planned for this to be posted on 26th but decided to publish other posts instead so please bare this in mind.

I was really proud of the images I took.
Here are some (and I mean some, I took about 300 pics night over the two nights) of the photographs I took on the night of 24th June... aka my favourite pictures.

Taken on 24th June 23:05pm

Taken on 24th June 23:12pm

Taken on 24th June 23:13pm

Taken on 24th June 23:15pm

Taken on 24th June 23:59pm

Taken on 25th June 00:04am

Taken on 25th June 00:05am
If you look closely at these next three, you can see white dots which are actually stars!

Taken on 25th June 00:07am

Taken on 25th June 00:07am


Taken on 25th June 00:08am
Look at that moon and the stars though!!!
So moving onto the night of the 25th June 2015 and I managed to get some more photos of the beautiful sky, although on the night time, it was cloudy therefore didn't get any shots that time.

Them clouds look like they are full of rain...

Taken 25th June 22:04pm

Taken 25th June 22:05pm
Well there you have it! The moon and the stars so close you can almost touch them....
Well, almost.

Have you taken any night pictures recently? What is your favourite thing to capture on camera? Comment below!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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