London July 2015, My adventure (Part One)

So on the 8th to the 11th July 2015, my mother, Nanna and I went to London as a belated 80th Birthday present for my Nanna. This trip to the UKs capital city was also going to be her last - which is very sad.

Over those past 4 days and 3 nights, we did everything and anything my lovely Nanna wanted to do for the final time.
Now because we did quite a lot over those 4 fantastic days, I have decided to break this into two post. Basically two days in each post.

Grab a cuppa, take a seat and come with me now on a trip to London...
Wednesday 8th July

Arriving into Kings Cross Station at 12:30pm ish, our London adventure finally began.
We decided to stay at the Royal National on Russell Square, which is great because it is a 20 minutes walk from Covent Garden (full of quirky shops) and is one of not so many hotels which actually provides a triple bed room.

After we dump our suitcases in our room, we went down to Covent Garden. There we looked around the shops including Build A Bear and finally FINALLY I bought their Toothless toy (I have been wanting Toothless for about a year now) from DreamWorks film series How to Train Your Dragon. There are so many shops (clothing, food, toys, accessories), I could practically live there. It has nearly everything.

Covent Garden

Convent Garden again

Lovely lights hanging down

Finally got Toothless!

We then walked down to Trafalgar Square, which is about 5-10 minutes walk away from Covent Garden. This is the perfect spot to sit back, have lunch and watch the world go buy. The National Portrait Gallery is located here as well as Nelson's Column. On a sunny day like the day we visited, it is absolutely beautifully.

What a view!

National Portrait Gallery and a church


How lovely

Bubbles taking over the Square

Close up

One of my favourite photographs

Bubbles were everywhere

And again

Nelson's Column with Big Ben in
the background

A stroll under Admiralty Arch and a walk down the Mall, we turned up at the Queen's residence, the very heart of Britain, Buckingham Palace. Hello Queenie!!!

Admiralty Arch

Statute in front of the Palace

Hello Queen!
Panorama view

On the night time, Nanna wanted to do a bus tour around London, to see some of its most famous and beautiful landmarks. The tour is called See London By Night. This is the perfect opportunity to see the busy city's lights and streets during the night which is as equally stunning as it is during the day.

London Eye

Close up- London Eye and Houses of Parliament

London Eye and Houses of Parliament
What an action packed first day!

Thursday 9th July

Unfortunately, the 9th was when the Tube strike was on so it was extra busy to get already the already hectic capital city. However, this was the first time this has happened when we have been in London and we did finally manage to get around via buses and taxis.

First on Nanna's to do list was to visit the stunning St Paul's Cathedral. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren during the late 17th Century, I thought it would be boring. I am not a religious person, I don't believe in God so I wasn't looking forward to it. However, entering the Cathedral and look around at the huge, tall walls and the beautiful images on its ceilings, I was definitely proved wrong. My mother and I went to the very top and for someone who doesn't like heights at tall, the view was worth it. Look how big this city is!

St Pauls

View from the very top

The Shard, The Gherkin are seen in this

The Shard, Shakespeare's Globe and The Tate Modern

The Shard, Shakespeare's Globe, Tate Modern and London Eye
I'm on top of the world!!!
Moving onto the night time! As one of her 80th Birthday treats, my mum and I took my Nanna to see the Jersey Boys at Piccadilly Theatre.
Set in the 1960/70s, the play is about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, their lives and their successful music careers during that period. It was absolutely amazing. As a theatre lover, it was one of the best.
Starring Michael Waston (lead singer Frankie Valli), Edd Post (keyboard and tenor vocalist Bob Gaudio), Jon Boydon (lead guitar Tommy DeVito), Gary Watson (bassist Nick Massi), their talents and singing ranges blew me away. The music was sensational with Michael Watson absolutely nailed the high notes of Valli's powerful falsetto voice compared to the deep, bass vocals from the others.
The laughter, the tears, the sing-a-long, the biopic was great fun.  were hugely popular in the 1960/70s with hits such as "Sherry", "Begging", "Big Girls don't Cry" and many, many more. For those who loved the band, who love going to the theatre or who love to have a good sing-a-long to brilliantly catchy songs, the Jersey Boys is definitely one for you!
We weren't allowed to take photographs/video whilst the performance was on but here are before and after photos.

With my programme, waiting for the play
to begin

What a show- outside the theatre with my ticket after.
Well there you have it, the first two days of my adventure to London and there is plenty of more!
Stay tuned for part two to see what else we got up to in the incredible city.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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