Bedroom ideas for me and you

Sorry I have posted so far this week- been so so so busy! However, I am back and this is going to be a short but sweet post today. Its going to be showing you what I have done with my bedroom and what ideas you could do for yours! Simples!

Five years ago I decided I wanted to make my bedroom more personal to me, different to my friends and something individual. Therefore, I decided to cover my walls and my furniture with photographs, posters, cut outs from magazines etc and general random things!

Five years later, I have finally finished and I couldn't be happier.

Here is the results. Now unfortunately, I haven't got any photographs of my walls were like before but here is a section of my feature wallpaper and my wall colour matches the pink butterflies. Pretty much a very pink and very girly room.

So this was my room a year ago ish:

So you can see that my desk draw, cupboard, wardrobe and walls are covered in things.

Here is my bedroom a month or two ago:

With the addition of my bureau and my vintage bedside table, the layout hasn't changed but more things have changed!

And here is my finished bedroom today...

New layout, new furniture, I love it! The wardrobe and the wall with my window are the same as seen on some previous photos but I definitely prefer this room set to the previous one!

Absolutely covered! No wonder it has taken me 5 years to do it all!

Room ideas for you:


Floral and curly lines are key to this design. A lovely, curly bed frame is perfect for creating a feature in the room but keeping it stylish. Floral patterns add to the overall theme whilst antique looking furniture such as the suitcase and bedside table is the blast from the past.

People tend to step away from colour in the bedroom but if used right, I think it could look beautiful, creating something bold and exciting. An example: purple with the black and white furniture is vibrant but it isn't over used. By using the different colours, it creates something to look at, keeping it fresh.


I absolutely adore pastel blue and you can easily use it in your room. This shades of blue and white with the hit of gold and black,  It is so relaxing that after a hard day at work or something, you will definitely feel calm with this bedroom idea.

Well there you have it! My bedroom finally finished and three lovely ideas to give your room a makeover with!
Have you got posters and memories on your bedroom walls? Comment below!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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