London July 2015, My adventure (Part Two)

So this is the second part of my London adventure last week. Read part one here.

The final two days were fabulous. From sight seeing some more and conquering one of my fears, it was a great way to end off my Nanna last ever visit to the UKs capital city.
Grab another cuppa, take a seat and join me for the final part of my adventure to London...

Friday 10th July 

Due to the fact we were all pretty tired from the theatre on the night before, we wanted this day to be a nice, relaxing one.
So we actually went back to Buckingham Palace and what do you know? The Queen was standing on her balcony.
Now, its not everyday you see Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Phillip and her grandson Prince William is it?! This was to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Battle of Britain (10 July – 31 October 1940, during Second World War) so there were planes flying (including Hurricanes and Spitfires which were used in the Battle) over the Palace in the blue, sunny sky. Since my Nanna is an absolute royalist, this special occassion was perfect for her.

Buckingham Palace again

The Queen, Prince Phillip and Prince William

And again, Prince William is behind the light next to the Queen
Spitfires and Hurricane planes flying over

A Spitfire and a Typhoon plane flying over

After we went to St James' Park, located on the Mall and one of the oldest royal parks in London, for a spot of lunch and to relax.

How beautiful

Can see Buckingham Palace from the park
 We headed back to the hotel early because we were getting ready to go to...... Wait for it......
How posh am I (HAHAHAH)?!
I can safely say that going there was amazing, a once in a lifetime experience!
The room in which you dined at was breath taking with the beautifully big flower display in the centre as you walk up 3/4 steps and the eye catching chandeliers floating from the ceiling. The way the table was set, ready for you to taste some of the nicest sandwiches, puddings and scones I have was tasted.
The pianist playing Moon River (my favourite song from my favourite film Breakfast at Tiffanys) and Putting on The Ritz (a fitting piece since we are dining there) as you took into the treats on offer. The waiters in their old fashioned suits and the atmosphere were both second to none, everyone dressed up in their suits and dresses (there is a dress code). It truly was an experience I will never forget.
The Ritz do a selection of teas. I had the Passion Fruit and Orange because I was intrigued as to how that would taste (it was lovely and so refreshing). Both my mother and nanna had the English tea which was lovely with the food.
The yummy sandwiches included: cheese and apple sauce (this was my join favourite), smoked salmon, chicken and ham sandwiches (I didn't eat these as I am a veggie but my mother said they were lovely) and a lettuce .
We had the plain scones but you can have fruit scones or both, clotted cream and strawberry jam are included as well.
As for the delicious puddings, there were all so tasty! A rich chocolate slice, a small berry tart, two mouth watering raspberry macaroon and a crispy nut thing.
And I wouldn't eat a lot if you are planning on going because the best part is that they kept on bringing more of them all out! We were all so full after our Afternoon Tea.
They also allow you to take photographs (discreetly) which surprised me since it is The Ritz after
Lovely, big bouquet

Afternoon tea time!!!

The delicious pudding selection

Selection of tasty sandwiches

Plain scones (fruit scones are also available)

How nice is the toilets though!

Beautiful chandelier

Afternoon Tea menu and my passion fruit
and orange tea

The breath taking Afternoon tea place, how grand!
Here we all are!
What a lovely (and posh) day, this was my favourite by far!
Saturday 11th July
Well, here we are. The last day in London for Nanna's last visit.
Due to the fact we were so tired (and very full) after The Ritz, today was another chill out day.
The first thing we did when we left the hotel was get straight on a bus to head towards the Coca Cola  London Eye. Now, I was really nervous about going on this because I hate heights (I don't know how I managed to get up St Pauls) but because it was what my Nanna wanted to do on her last day, I did it! Take that, fear!!! Your ticket also includes a free 4D experience, glasses are available for free so don't panic. Located at the ticket office, you go in and watch a 5-10 minute film showing you the Eye- it was good!
The queue to get your tickets and to get on the Eye itself actually took shorter than I was expecting and it was a pretty busy day! If you ever get the chance to go on the Eye then do it, the views are spectacular when you are going around.
Got my ticket ready!

Look how big it is!

A 'capsule' as they are called about to go round

The capsule before the one I was in

Panorama shot featuring Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and
Buckingham Palace

Panorama shot featuring a capsule, Houses of Parliament
and Big Ben!
 As my Nanna didn't want to do anything else apart from the Eye, we finally FINALLY got the chance to go to the place shopaholics dream of... Oxford Street. Filled with a variety of shops (Marks and Spencers, Selfridges, HMV, Next, John Lewis to name but a few), my favourite shops was calling my name. Primark, here I come! I should warn you: the Primark store (nearest Marble Arch) is massive!!!
Then we went back to the hotel and got on the train and left to go back home (NOOOOOO)!
Well there you have it, my Nanna's action packed, amazingly brilliantly last adventure to London... And to make it even better, my mother an I are going back in August!
Have you been to London recently? What is your favourite thing to do there? Comment below!
Also look out for my London Fashion edition, showing you the outfits I wore visiting the capital!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!



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