On my desk there is...

This post will be a light hearted one, moving away from the serious topics I have posted recently. I will be showing you what is on my desk. Random, I know.


So on my desk there is...

1. Lest we forget
The first item is such a special thing I own, I will treasure it always. It is a ceramic poppy that was planted around the Tower of London in 2014 to commemorate the hundredth year of start of World War One in 1914.
It was one of 888,246 poppies created for the art installation 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red', by Paul Cummins. I think all of them were sold for £25 each, with the money raised going to six charities.
The handmade poppy came with a certificate to say that it is one of the original and that it is unique because none of them are the same. I feel so very honoured and proud to have bought one.


2. Is that the phone ringing?

Next up on the list is a pink phone that goes perfectly in my room. I bought this ages ago in Next shops sale. I think I paid £15 for it but I am not too sure!
The old fashioned telephone is one of my favourite items on my desk.
The bonus is the fact that I can actually use it as my landline phone when I get my own place, which I think is fabulous.

3. London's calling

I got this box as a Christmas present a couple of years ago from my brother and his girlfriend. Since I love London, it was perfect for me. I think it was from ASDA but I could be completely wrong. Personally, I use it to keep important stuff in so I don't lose them. Well, that's the idea anyway.


4. Bits n Bobs

Another box for bits n bobs is next. I keep things such as locks and keys, badges, buttons, coins, pins and other stuff. It is handy to have just to keep near to store things I will probably loose otherwise.


5. Write a note

So this includes two things this time, notepads. But they are in a cupcake and a little vintage house which I adore. I have had the cupcake for about 5 years roughly and my mother gave me the house for Christmas just gone. I absolutely love it! Both items are from Marks and Spencers so the price will vary but they are so handy to have just to write notes on, using them as shopping lists or information I need on etc. If you look in now, I am pretty sure you will find one or something along these lines.

6. Whats on TV?

On Black Friday (where stores sell items for a ridiculously cheap price for a weekend), I bought a 19" TV for my bedroom. This is the first time I have ever had one in my room as I wasn't allowed one when I was younger, which I completely agree with. I bought this TV for about £99 I think, however I cannot yet watch channels as I have to buy an aerial so I have been watching my dvds and boxsets to past the time. But for the price, it was a good price to pay for a television.

7. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

I love lava lamps and I love Superman so it was clear that I really wanted this item, a Superman Lava Lamp.
My amazing mother gave me this as a surprise for either my birthday or Christmas, I cant remember which one since it was about 2 years ago.
The DC superheroes iconic logo can be seen on the blue base and the stuff inside is red, with the liquid being yellow. It does take about an hour just to heat up so the stuff inside moves but I love watching it. Perfect for any Superman lover!
It was from Argos so have a look in their catalogue or online to see if it is still in or if there is one similar.

8. Frame it, keep it, cherish it

A photo of my mother and I in a lovely, vintagey frame is next to my TV and lava lamp. I adore this photo because it is old looking and it is one (of many) of my favourites of me and her. I think I was about 3 years old perhaps when this was taken but I love staring at it and remembering how much I loved those years and how much my mum means to me. The white frame itself is from Next, costing £4, which is a great price. The detail is so elegant and pretty, perfect for any girly bedroom.

Other Next frames are available in store and online.

9. Smells like Audrey

As stated in previous posts, Audrey Hepburn is my favourite ever actress and my all time icon. The left and the right perfume is Audrey Hepburn perfume.
The round one on the left is from Primark which I bought roughly a year ago and it smells lovely and sweet. It also came with a hand cream which makes my hands soft. I think it was £10 but I could (and probably am) be completely wrong.
The far right  one is from Boots, costing me £19.99. I actually bought this small perfume at the end of last year with my Christmas money I was given. It also came with a little extra in the form of body lotion.
The middle one isn't associated with Hepburn but the perfumes name is 'Little Black Dress' so I think of Audrey's iconic look. Again, the smell is really nice and strong. It was from Avon but I cant remember how much it cost me. There was other products available as well.

10. 18 again...

This tiny box was from my mother again for (yep, you guessed it) my 18th birthday. I just keep stones and rings in this. It is just somewhere to keep them safe and so I know where they are. One of the things I love about this box is the detail. The '18' in the heart, the spotty background and the grey button on the side to open it with. It is such a simple design but so pretty.
I couldn't tell you where she bought this adorable trinket box from because I have no idea but try charity shops, card stores and places that sell bits n bobs like this. You may find one.
Other ages are most likely available as well.

11. Light my candle

In selected stores, such as the garden centre and pound shops, they sell personalised items with names on them. This can be pens, notepads, key rings, place mats for the table and key ring torches. The thing is that they never have my name on and it makes me sad.
HOWEVER, finally I found something with my name on! I didn't buy it because I didn't have any money on me at the time but my mum bought me it for my birthday I think so it is placed on my desk because I finally have something with my name on.

12. Beep beep, bus to distressing town

I get stressed so so so easily, anyone who knows me personally can tell you that. Due to the fact I do uni work on my desk, I have a stress ball (well bus) close by just in case. All you do is squeeze it to get rid of anger, stress etc. I have had it for about 2 years perhaps and I got this from Marks and Spencers in London. I got it free with something I bought in the Oxford Street store. It has saved me from throwing my work off my desk because I have gotten that stressed before.
Have a look in store and in others to find other stress balls.

13. I love you this much...

This is the last item on my desk.
My favourite book when I was a child was Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. I adore this book, I will read it to my children and it was a big part of my life when I was younger. The book is basically about two rabbits, Big Nut Brown Hare and Little Nut Brown Hare, and telling each other how much they love each other. From their arm lengths and how high they can bounce to over the valley where they live to the moon, it made me appreciate love. I used to have Big Nut Brown Hare but I don't know where he is, which makes me sad but Little Nut Brown Hare is on my desk, reminding my how much I love this book.

Well there you have it, what is on my desk.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!



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