No7 Makeup review

So this post is another makeup review, No7 brand.
Available at Boots pharmacy, I have recently started buying this makeup brand.
I will be reviewing their: Stay Precise Felt tip Eyeliner, High Shine Lip Crayon in two colours, Lash Impact Intense volume control mascara, Moisturise Drench lipstick, Stay Perfect lipstick and Gel-look Shine Nail varnish (I know it isn't makeup but bought it as well so may as well include this).
So let us begin...

Stay Precise Felt tip Eyeliner

I love eyeliner but I find it difficult to find one that is easy to apply, doesn't need to be reapplied and doesn't cause a fuss i.e. having to take it off and redoing it because it isn't working as you want it to.

Anyway, I saw this No7 felt tip eyeliner and was intrigued as to whether this is better than a pencil one I used before.

The Verdict: this eyeliner is great. The tip is thin so it is great if you like to create a winged effect. Coming in at £8.00, I definitely would recommend this product for all of those girls who can't leave the house without eyeliner on. I didn't have to touch it, it stayed on really well over the course of a few hours. It does take a while to draw it on your eyelid but it definitely makes those eyes stand out!

For more detail on this product, click here

High Shine Lip Crayon

I never leave the house without lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm in my bag and on my lips. It is one of my essential items to take with me anywhere.
This lip crayon fascinated me. I had not seen a product like this, a crayon so I wanted to try it out for myself. I bought two of these products: 'Delicate Pink' and 'Berry' shades.

The Verdict: This is definitely one of my favourite items in this review. It was super easy to apply to my lips and felt like I had nothing on my lips. The crayon was so light and moisturised my lips in the process. It also comes in a range of colours so if you are a pink lips kind of girl or a purple to a orangey colour, it has it all. Bonus, you don't even need a sharpener as you simply twist the bottom when you need more crayon. So simple and stylish, perfect for completing any outfit off.

The 'Delicate Pink' shade:

The 'Berry' shade:

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Lash Impact Intense volume control mascara

Like lipstick/gloss, I never leave the house without a bit of mascara on my lashes. It just makes your eyes stand out and gives them a bit of definition.

The Verdict: this mascara definitely creates volume. Although it was slightly clumpy, it does add volume to your lashes. Costing £13.50 and available in black or brown, it is quite expensive but it is worth it. The definition of each lash is great and it doesn't stick the lashes all together like some I have tried do. You only really need to apply one coat of mascara as this gives a fantastic volume but for a more impact, false lash effect apply two.

For more detail on this product, click here

Moisturise Drench lipstick

I adore wearing red lipstick, I have about 10 different shades for every season. I look for a nice rich colour when choosing a lipstick. So I thought I would try out No7's Moisturise Drench range in 'Siren' shade.

The Verdict: this lipstick feels like I have nothing on. It is so light and stays on for a few hours again. My lips feels soft and moisturises which is good that it lives up to its name. Costing £9.95, there is a whole range of colours so if you are not a fan of red lipstick and want a different shade then not to worry. I would totally and utterly recommend this product especially if you are lipstick obsessed like me!

For more detail on this product, click here.

Stay Perfect lipstick

Yes, another lipstick- I did tell you I was slightly obsessed. However, this one is from their Stay Perfect range in the 'Hot Copper' shade.

The Verdict: another great value for money product. It was so easy and simple to apply to your lips, giving you bold and hydrated lips. Costing the same as the Moisturise Drench lipstick, it apparently lasts for up to 8 hours which I think is pretty accurate. One thing however, is that over a period of time it does feel quite dry on but if you reapply it every couple of hours that problem is solved. Again coming in a range of different and vibrant colours, there is plenty to smile about with this on your lips.

For more detail on this product, click here.

Gel-look Shine Nail varnish

I know this isn't a makeup product but like I said in the intro, I purchased this nail varnish when I bought the rest so I may as well review this as well. I love painting my nails, it does take time but I bought this Gel-Look nail varnish to see if it was better than the ones I have been using.

The Verdict: giving my nails a more richer colour. The richest of the red for just applying one coat was very vibrant to say the least. Although I would recommend you painting two or three coats. There is no visible brush strokes and it has not chipped in the day it has been on so this is definitely successful than my other varnishes. Coming in at £7.00, this one is the 'Pillar Box Red' but there is a whole variety of colours to chose from.

For more detail on this product, click here

Interesting Fact time!
No7 do a free lipstick match made service where they use a small handheld machine that takes a photo of your skin and finds the right lipstick shade that is perfect for your skin tone.

This video explains the service:

If you use No7 foundation then you can do it online by clicking here or you can visit the No7 counter in Boots and they will do it for you, you don't need to create an appointment as well!
-There is also a similar service for foundation-

Well there you have, my No7 review which was pretty success if I do say so myself.
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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