What I love at the moment...

This post will show you 10 things/items I absolutely love at the moment.

From clothing, accessories to film, TV shows, music and random stuff, this post will show you items that are great for the summery season that is almost upon us.

So let us begin...

1. Tangy yet sweet

So for Easter I made a lemon Pavlova from Great British Bake Off's Easter edition. One of Mary Berry's recipes, it is a meringue nest with homemade lemon curd, lemon vest and mini eggs for decoration. I won't go into too much detail because I have written a blog post about it, including the recipe (click here), but definitely try this at home. It tastes amazing!

Here is mine I created:

2. Over the bridge

At number two is a landmark that is near where I live. The Transporter Bridge is absolutely stunning and I went down there with a friend because I had to film it for an university assignment. I interviewed people about its new coat of paint it recently just had and although that was scary, it was definitely worth it! I mean look at it!

3. Keep your hat on

One item I absolutely love is hats. From floppy and bowler to top etc, hats are great, especially in the summer!
So when I saw this white floppy hat in Primark the other day, I had to buy it. The biggish daisy around it and the fact it just screams festivals, it cost only £4... £4!!!!!!!!!! What an absolute bargain!

Other hat styles are available in store.

4. Pretty lips

I never leave the house without some kind of lip gloss/lipstick on. This No7 High shine Lip Crayon, available at Boots, is fabulous. It is so easy to apply, soft on and it moisturises your lips. It is quite expensive coming in at £9.00 but it is definitely worth the money!
This is Delicate Pink but it comes in oranges, purples, reds and pinks.

5. Summer is coming

The fifth item is this amazingly cheap playsuit. Costing just £7 from Primark, this thin strapped playsuit is perfect for the summery season. With the blue pattern and the lace detail at the top, worn with tan shoes and bag along with the hat (item 3) it is great for festivals and BBQs.

The lace at the top, neckline.
The pattern, showing the pocket

The whole playsuit, including the hat
(item 3 on the list)
6. Cinderella

I will keep this short since I have posted a review about this film but I could not recommend 2015 film Cinderella, featuring Lily James and Richard Madden, enough. It was amazing! The live action remake is truly magic as cliché as it might sound. The cast, the scenery, the music, it was incredible.

This is a quotation from the film that will forever make me smile and that I will treasure forever.
Click here for my review.

7. All Time AMAZING!

So on the 23rd March 2015, my friend and I got the chance to meet American pop-punk band All Time Low at a HMV signing for their new album, Future Hearts. We had seen them in concert in 2012 and they were amazing so we were super duper excited to meet them. With the signed CD, we got £2 off the album when it was released (April 6th) and I finally managed to go into town and buy it! The current singles off their sixth album are: Something's Gotta Give and Kids in the Dark. Blink 182's Mark Hoppus and Good Charlotte's Joel Madden are featured separately on two songs. The album itself is fab with all the songs contributing to it. There isn't one song that I don't like, definitely one hell of a good album!
There is swearing in some of the songs

8.  First Dates

Normally I hate dating shows but Channel 4's First Dates is an exception because I love this programme! Currently on series 3, the show is basically filmed in the First Dates restaurant, in London, and is open to any single person. All of the dates are blind, they have not met before, only the staff know each other. The concept is great, how they have a meal, watching if the date is blossoming or not, it makes for great TV!

Watch First Dates on Wednesdays, Channel 4 at 9pm.
Click here for the First Dates page on C4 website.

9. Rest In Peace Robin

On the 11 August 2014, the news broke that actor Robin Williams died. One of the much loved actors of mine and others generation, many were heart broken by his passing. From Aladdin, Hook and Good Morning, Vietnam to Mrs Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting and Night At The Museum, he will be in our hearts forever.
This video is next up on my list because it just reminds me of all the characters I loved that he portrayed. Done by impersonator Jamie Costa, this is an amazingly perfect tribute to the late actor.
There will never be another person who could make you laugh, cry, smile and think about than Robin Williams. RIP genie!

10. Vintage inspired

Final item on this list is one of my favourite things I have ever bought myself. I have been needing new furniture for my bedroom for about 4 years now and have recently started buying things for it.
One of them items is this beautiful bedside table from Barker and Stonehouse. I went there a few weeks ago to see Mary Berry open a new flagship store near where I live (click here for the post) and saw this table then.
Coming in at £99 Spring price (normal price £145), I decided to buy it because it fits in with my vintage theme I would love in my room. I have changed the draws handle, this pale pinky/white one is from M&S (they do loads of styles/designs for knobs).
On the bottom shelf, three vintage suitcases are found, bought from Home Bargains at £6 whilst on the table itself a heart detailed light (Asda, £12), a vanilla scented candle (Asda, £3), an alarm clock (Asda, £7ish) and a jar (Wilkos, in the sale) are placed. Safe to say, I love this piece of furniture!
New bed, here I come!


Well that is it, the 10 items I love at the moment! What do you adore at the moment, tell me!

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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