Lottie and Jack's Yarm Vintage fair!

So there was a vintage fair near where I live yesterday (Sunday 15th February) and well, it was obvious that I went. This post will show you what I got at the event.
I have been to a vintage fair twice before and absolutely loved them. From the products on offer to the people to dressing up, it is fabulous!

Let us step back in time and begin...

The first 100 through the door got a free goody bag. I love free things! The mission was to get one and guess what, three friends and I did. Oh happy days!!!
My friends also got a lavender smelling soap but I didn't, oh well!
Here is what was in mine!

I thought this was really cool! The
free things came in a bad made from
newspapers! How clever!!!
Just all of the cards I got that were
either in the bag or on the stalls

A sample of that delicious fudge that
will be featured later on so keeps your
eyes peeled!

A paper heart in which you can put in
a pot and water to make it become a
plant, how exciting!
An adorable hair bow was also in the
bag which I love!

So let us go through what was on offer on the varies stalls.
Some were cake/sweet stalls, other were selling clothes/accessories but most were selling antiques.

The first item I bought was a cute little flower teacup set for only £3. What a bargain! And I adore sets like this, I have some others at home. The flower design and the golden rim around the edge, it is perfect. It doesn't have a stamp on the bottom of who made the set but I love it anyway! I don't even drink tea that often but I definitely will now!

And for the price I paid, you cannot really go wrong in my eyes.


I also bought fudge for my mum for Mother's Day (sssshhh don't tell her). She loves Millionaire Shortbeard (biscuit based with caramel and chocolate on top) so this fudge is the perfect sweet or her!
Coming in at £2.50 for one bag, it is a good price. You get roughly 10 pieces of fudge to delve in to as a tasty treat! There were other flavours of fudge available such as peanut butter and raspberry but had to get this one for her. It is her favourite after all!

Also I bought her this jug and bowl set for the special day. Costing me £7, the pale green will hopefully make her love these piece as much as I do!

This purchase is my favourite on the list. Coming in at only £4 is this cute little gold heart locket and I adore it. It is so vintagey and pretty from the detail on the heart to the small inside space where I could maybe fit a tiny photo in. For the price and the simplicity yet elegance of this necklace, I was one happy bunny.

The next thing, I didn't have to pay for because it didn't cost a single penny and like I said I love free things! A vintage makeover, from hair to makeup, was done from a lovely lady for free. Two of my favourite things mixed into on.
From what I can remember is that she hairspray the section, curled it just with normal curlers, put hairspray again. The she did my makeup whilst the hair was drying. Foundation, liquid eyeliner, mascara and of course red lipstick was the products she used. Finally she took a biggish section of hair at the top of my head and rolled it around to form a circle. The all she did was to fix it in place with some hair grips and there you have it, the perfect vintage look.

After I took out the roll:
There was also a kissing booth that was free at the fair as well! A competition to see who gets the best/funniest photo wins a day or something with the booth, which usually costs £60.00. Here are some of the pictures my friends and I did!


Well there you have it!
If you want to shop vintage then just do it! You can find some really fantastic, original, one of a kind product that you probably wont see on the high street. From fairs like this to shops or retro websites, it is never too late to throw out the new and bring in the old with your look.
 Until next time



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