I was 'dying' to try it...

This post will be something different and light. How to dye your hair.

Let us start with a brief history my hair dying.

I dip dyed my hair red for like a month years ago. I didn't like it that much but it eventually washed out so it was no bother.

red dip dye

Waaaaaaaaay back in 2012, I dyed the full head of my hair pink. Yep, pink! I don't regret it at all. I think I just wanted to have a change and why not dye your hair a different colour!

My natural hair colour is brown so I tried dying my hair without bleaching it at first. It didn't work.

The next time I did (in July 2012), I bleached it and well it felt like my head was on fire, it was really weird. However, it was so so so worth it! Introducing me, with bright pink hair. I kept this hair style for a year, dying it once during that time in February 2013.

February 2013
Baby pink hair in between the year

After bleaching it, the dye worked!
But, in July 2013 after having my pink hair for a year I dyed back brown. I was bored of it, I wanted something else so went back to being brown haired.

July 2013
Bye, bye pink hair. Hello brown!
Blonde Dip dye
After about a month of washing it, the brown dye started to fade, creating a blonde dip dyed effect. I liked the fact it did this so by shampooing my hair more often, I got a richer and lighter blonde because of bleaching it for the pink.

I kept my dip dyed style for a year and a bit until December 2014 when I decided I missed my pink hair. Don't worry, I didn't dye all of my hair this time, just the dip dyed ends and I still have it whilst typing this post out and publishing this on my blog.

December 2014- dip dyed pink
My hair now
And there you have it, my hair dying history. Who knows what colour I may go next!

  • If you want to dye your hair then just do it. If you live at home and are young then please ask you parents for permission. They might not like you doing it.
  • If you have black/brown or dark hair then I would suggest bleaching your hair. Look in good hair supplies store and ask staff for more information about the products before buying.
  • Get a good hair dye. I used 'Directions' dye the first time and 'Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Ultra Bright' for the second time around and the dip dyed time.
  • My friend helped me dye my full hair. If you are going to do this then I would recommend asking a friend or family member to help you. You don't want to miss any of you hair.
  • For the dip dyed hairstyle I did that myself. I put my hair in two high pigtails and massaged the dye so I had every light blonde part covered.
  • Wear old clothing!! This is so important, you don't want to get any dye if possible on your clothes but if you do and you are wearing old rags then you wont ruin nice, new clothing.  
  • Cover yourself with an old towel. This is in case of the dye going every where so at least you will be covered because hair dye takes time to get off your skin.
  • Read the instructions twice!! This is the most important thing you have to do. Reading them twice gives you a clear idea of what you have do. Within the package, you should have a pair of plastic gloves, wear them.
  • Test the dye on a strand of hair first! This is key to find out if you are allergic to the dye or have a reaction to it. PLEASE do this first before you cover your hair. It is for you safety and well being!!!
So there you have it, my hair dying history and tips for you if you are going to dye your hair. I am not an expert on this, also ask an adult/staff member to go through everything with you and don't forget to read the instructions carefully!!!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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