Primark do makeup?!

This blog post will be a review but not my normal film/TV show one, no. I will be reviewing makeup, which is unusal for me because I don't really wear any unless I am going to uni or out with friends.

So shopping around high street store Primark and I bought three products from their P.S. makeup range: volumising mascara, liquid eye liner and lip gloss/stick.
I normally only use these make up products if I am honest so me being me I was intrigued to find out how good these items were and if they were value for money so let us find out.

Ok so this is my face before applying any of the makeup products. I washed my face and used a make wipe just to make sure that there was no make up on from yesterday and so that my skin was clean.



As for the products I will be reviewing these are them. There are clearly more than three but that's because I bought different colours of each but here they are.

Mascara- £1
Lip gloss/stick- £2
Liquid Eyeliner- £1
Other colours available in all.
 Volumising Mascara

Now I love mascara, I wear it every time I leave the house. So when I found this, I was wanting to know if it had the same quality as the one I use now.
One thing I have to say I loved about this was colours available instead of having your normal browns and blacks. 'Aubergine' and 'Blue' are the two colours I went for because you don't normally sees these on offer or at least I haven't anyway.
Now on the top of the pack and on the brush, it looks like they are darkish colours so I wanted to know how they would look on my eyelashes, especially because mine are quite dark in colour.
As for the price, both cost me £1.00 so £2 all together, which is a great bargain compared to what you have to pay for other brands. There was a black mascara available as well.


The Verdict:
So this wasn't a great success. The colour of the mascara on the brush was dark like I said before and once I applied them to my lashes, you wouldn't know I had 'Aubergine' or 'Blue' on. It is such a huge shame considering I was so excited to see what they looked like. If you have lighter/fair coloured lashes, it will be easier to see the richness of it most likely so don't let me put you off trying it for yourself. A positive is when I applied it on. It left no lumps and clumps, the brush got every lash and it surprising does leave a slight tint of purple/blue if you look closely. Unfortunately, you just wouldn't know that from a distance.

What it looks like on my lashes:

What the mascara looks like on the brush

Close up, eyes open
Close up, eyes closed


What it looks like on the brush
Close up, eyes open

Close up, eyes closed
Liquid Eyeliner

What they all look like
Buying eyeliner that you can just put on with no problem at all is hard to come by. From it running, smudging, not last long, it is hard to find and I struggle.
Normally I would use a felt tip eyeliner because it is easy to apply to your lids but it is a bit of a faff on trying to get it smooth and not have little bumps in it.
So I bought this £1 liquid liner just to try that out, to see if it is value for money and if it is better than the one I am currently using. I bought three colours: green, purple and black.

The Verdict:
I loved this product. It was so easy to apply, although I did have to touch it up but practice makes perfect they say. From the price of £1 each, you really can't go wrong with this product in my eyes. From thick or thin lines, the brush is small so it is simple to do both. I would recommend that you circle the brush around the rim, just to get off any unwanted liner because when you apply it, it does draw on thick.
The green turned out to be an emerald colour which I adored and is perfect for the autumn/winter season. The purple was also a lovely, rich colour.
Definitely, definitely would recommend this product for all of those girls who cant leave the house without eyeliner on. I also didn't have to redo the eyeliner which is a huge bonus because I hate doing redoing it. All in all, a fantastic value for money.

What it looks like on me:

Product on brush
From a distance

Close up

From a distance again
Purple and green (I did one colour on each eye lid):

The green eyeliner on brush
The purple eyeliner on brush

Green eyeliner on the right
 as you look at it, eyes open.

Green eyeliner on the right
as you look at it, eyes closed

Purple eyeliner on left eye as you look
at it, eyes open.

Purple eyeliner on left eye as you look
at it, eyes closed
Lip gloss/stick:

So this is the last product I bought from Primark's P.S. Makeup range. I cannot leave the house without having a lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss in my bag. It is one of my essentials to carry with me. Normally in lip colour, I would go for reds because I love how it looks.
However, I got this pink/purple lip gloss because I thought it looked really pretty. 'Berry' is what this shade of colour is and it is number 61 in the collection. But I also got this red liquid lipstick for the same price. This is 'lucky' number 13 in the range and is called 'Red', what a surprise...
There were other colours available in store and for £2, you can't really go wrong for the product.
P.S. also do a range of lipsticks as well.

Berry lip gloss
Red liquid lipstick
The Verdict:
I loved this product also. The pink colour looked fantastic on and it actually matched my hair colour, which is great! The red was a lovely and bright yet a deep colour which is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and is great for the autumn/winter season too. Applying it was a breeze. The small brush you use is soft and the amount of lip gloss it comes out with was enough to cover nearly all of my lips.
The only problem I have with it is that it feels sticky on, you do have to keep moving your lips but you will get use to it after a while most likely.

What it looks like on me:

Product on brush
From a distance
Close up

What it looks like on the brush
Close up

From a distance
Well, there you have it! Overall, the products were a success.
Although they didn't show up on my eyelashes, both mascaras were easy to apply and managed to cover all of my lashes.
The eyeliner is my favourite product I reviewed. It was so simple to create the width of line on your eyelid and it lasted a long time on which is great. The three colours were bold yet stylish, perfect for the current season.
Both the lip gloss and liquid lipstick colours were absolutely lovely on and again so easy to apply.
All of the three products were great value for money and I would definitely recommend.

Note: P.S. also do a range of blushers, bronzers, eye shadows and other products. Always read the label before buying and before using it for the first time.

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Thank you for reading!

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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