My top buys so far of 2015

So this post will step away from the film reviews and into something that I clearly like doing... Shopping.

This will show you some of the items I adore that I have bought so far this year.
Hope you enjoy!

And so we start with the clothing...

Down But Not Out!

So these two items are my favourites on the list.
If you know me personally then you will know how much I adore the British band You Me At Six (they are my favourite band ever) and four out of the five Surrey lads have their own clothing line/store.
When I heard that Josh Franceschi (lead singer) Down but Not Out clothing line was ending for good soon I had to get my hands on something.

I have loved this top for ages, I have always wanted it. So when I saw it in the sale I had to buy it otherwise it would be gone forever. Originally it was £16.00 and now is £8.00, which I thought was a reasonable price. The image of the person holding their arms up creating the peace sign is perfect for when the sun comes out, or as Josh would probably say for those 'summer vibes'. Under the image the writing 'Down But Not Out' is found, which also attracted me to the item. It is such a fantastic motto/ethos to go by in life.

It is a unisex top which is also a bonus!
There is a vest with the same image on available too but I don't know if there is any left to buy.

I also order this rather cool bracelet as well. Again with Down But Not Out on it, a moth can be seen. I don't really know why a moth but I adore it. The price was £7.50 and now is £4.00. You can change the size on the bracelet when you fasten it so if you like it loose or tight around your wrist then that is not a problem.

DBNO sale is still ongoing but there are limited stock and once its gone, well it gone for good.

They also do hoodies, sweaters, iPhone cases, gloves, an autograph book, stickers and other bracelets.

Note: that there is a shipping price and there isn't much left I don't think so if you see something then get it!

The other bands clothing websites:

Matt Barnes (bassist), Cheer Up! Clothing:
Dan Flint (drummer), FlintTown:
Max Heyler (guitarist), Become Antique:
(Chris Miller (guitarist) doesn't have a clothing line, which is a shame!)

Follow the band on Twitter:
@joshmeatsix, @joshdbno
@DanMEATSIX, @welcometoFTOWN   
@mattmeatsix, @cheerupclothing  
@Maxmeatsix, @becomeantique       

Search 'You Me At Six' on Facebook.


My wardrobes are full of clothing, shoes, jewellery from this shop. I love it!!! Love it or hate it, Primark do really nice (and cheap!) tops to chill in, dress to go out in and accessories to complete any outfit.
Here are some of the clothing I have bought in the high street store recently.

This top I found was in the sale (I don't know why they have a sale since most of the prices are really cheap) but I found it and I love it. From the white Peter Pan collar to the white small daisy pattern, it is so cute and stylish.
I cannot remember the original price but I paid £4 for this top and if that isn't a bargain then I don't know what is!
Sizes 6-20 available, depends on whether the store has it in!

Another top now and this one has to be one of my favourite I own. It is so cute, simple and vintagey, perfect in my eyes. Available in four colours: red, black, yellow and white, I have three of them, not going to lie. The scalloped detail on the sleeves and the top line is so simple yet so effective on this vest. And to top it all off, it was only £5. £5!!!!!!! What a bargain!!!

Sizes 6-20 available.

I do have the bright yellow top but I couldn't find it to show you, here are my other two vests!

The red:


The white:

The final clothing item I bought from Primark is this flower pattern top. My favourite thing about this one is the colours on it so it pretty much goes with anything! From purple, pink, green, blue, yellow, gold, I cannot wait to wear this. My only problem with it is that the material is itchy so I would wear a vest under it to stop it irritating my skin but apart from that I cannot see a fault with the buy. Again, I found it in the sale, from £10 to £5. Paired with pale blue jeans, this is perfect for spring/summer.



I found this pale blue top right at the beginning of the year when Tescos was having a sale. I cant remember what the original price was for this F&F item but for £5, I didn't really care. It was such a bargain.
Although you cannot see it on the photo, the vest has a flower pattern design, perfect for a night out or a meal.

There was a skirt to match it.

Sizes available: 8-20.
I did buy this a couple of months ago so it may not be in anymore but always worth a look if you are in store.


Even though I hate my legs, I adore wearing dress. At a price of £16, this floating, girly, shirt style dress is perfect for the spring/summer look. The pattern material is see through but it does come with a long vest style dress underneath so don't worry! The navy George dress paired with black tights makes the perfect little number for shopping, going on a date or just hanging out with friends/family. It is also just nice to relax in because the material is so light. The sleeves are 3/4 length and it comes down just above you knees. It is perfect for that festival season!

Size 8-20 available in store.


Moving on from clothing, a make up product is next.


Me being me I have misplaced this item (it will probably be in my bedroom somewhere) so I can't show you it on me but I love this lip colour so much that I had to include it anyway!

From No7 range at Boots, this purple (yes, purple) lip crayon is so perfect. For the £9 you spend it is definitely worth it. Gives me summery vibes for sure. It also feels like you haven't got anything on your lips because it is so light on.

Here is the web link for it:

Other colours are available, I would go in store for the full range.

Since I have an iPhone 4, I bought another phone case for it which is next on the list.


Primark have now started to sell iPhone 4,5 cases at a great price in my eyes. I bought this polar bear case for just 50p in the sale, it was £3.00 which is a fabulous price anyway. It was in the Christmas section they did that's why it is reduced but that is a bargain. With a penguin, Christmas tree and other styles/designs available in general, you cant say no really. Well unless you don't have an iPhone but still!

The cases vary in what phone they fit, some are iPhone 4s and some are for iPhone 5s. Other designs include: batman, superman, French fries, popcorn, burgers, love hearts, birds and Disney cases.

You can also get a case with some matching headphones for under £10 (I think) which is a fantastic deal.

Finally onto home now!

TK Maxx

I love a good bargain as you can probably tell and one of my favourite shops is TK Maxx. You can find some really nice, one off, vintage pieces in there and for a reasonable price too.

Currently, I am buying furniture and bits n bobs for my bedroom so decided to buy suitcases to put things in as a storage idea. I found this one when I went to this shop a week ago ish and I just fell in love with it. The patterns inside and out are so pretty and elegant that I had to get it. The pink suitcase with a Paris design on the front and flowers around the edges, it cost me £7.99, which is a good price.

There are other styles and sizes available, the prices vary depending on the size of the suitcase.

The other item I bought was a book I have been wanting for a very long time. I first saw it in WH Smiths for £19.99 so when I found it for £9.99 in TK Maxx, I cried with happiness.

The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree gives you all the things you need to know for hosting, you guessed it, a vintage tea party. From food/drinks recipes, table decorations, clothing tips and 'make your own' sections, this book has everything! And it was an absolute bargain, considering I have been wanting this for 6 month ish.


I love Wilkos for home items, I think they do some really pretty things for every room in your home.
Like I said I am buying new things for my bedroom and when I saw this I fell in love. In the sale at £2, this jar is perfect for keep bit n bobs in, use it as a candle holder, if you wash it then you can put sweets in or fake flowers! I am going to do the latter.  The wording is 'Home Sweet Home' surrounded by a vintage frame. It also comes with the grey ribbon and flower patterned heart which compliments the pink banner on it perfectly. The handle could mean that you hang it up some where or just leave it on a table, either way it looks elegant anywhere.

Another item I bought was some flower lights to go around a bed I haven't even bought yet. What can I say, I am organised!

These white peony flowers makes any girly bedroom elegant and lovely. It is AA battery powered and requires three, batteries are included!!! There are 12 flowers in total and they are quite big peony's.

I actually bought these in the sale for £5 I think or around that price which is a great price for them.
 Originally I think it was £15ish.

The flowers are made from fabric.

Other flower lights and other styles/designs are available.


The final item on this post has gone to my favourite actress. I have wanted this Audrey Hepburn cushion for so long now I had given up hope as to when I could actually afford to buy it. This price was £8, which isn't that bad but I never had enough money to get it.
However, that has all changes (YEYEYEYEYEY) AND it was half price in the Asda sale. I was so pleased with it, especially because it was the last one on the shelf so I was very thrilled to say the least.
Adding to my 'All things Audrey' collection, this is the second cushion I have with her beautiful face on. Anyway... there is a Marilyn Monroe one available too and others cushions are obviously available in store and online.

I could not find the Audrey Hpeburn on Asda's website (maybe because they don't do it anymore, I am not sure) but for other cushions visit:,default,sc.html#,default,sc.html

Well that is it for this post! Thank you for reading!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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