You're not a bad blogger because...

I just want to say, before I begin with this post, thank you for all the love and support you have given me during this really crap time in my life. Even though my wonderful Daddy David has passed away, he always used to say how much he loved my blog so Call Me Caz is now dedicated to him.

Alright, on with today's post, which happens to be my 500th post [eek!]. Well, this is going to be blunt, straight to the point and no messing around. It makes me really sad when I see people say they are a bad blogger. You're not. Never have. Never will.

Due to this, I have came up with these five (out of many, many) reasons why you are not a bad blogger.

Get ready for some home truths right now, people...

1. You're not a bad blogger because you don't have xxx amount of followers. No. Just because other bloggers have more followers than you, it doesn't mean that that defines you as a good blogger or not.

2. You're not a bad blogger because you don't have the latest camera or your photographs aren't always a perfect white marble flatlay with random bits n bobs in the picture to. There is nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong, I do it, but post photos that you want to share and not because it doesn't fit into a theme or because other bloggers aren't posting it. With the camera, they are expensive ass cameras and there is no pressure to have the best of the best, just because most bloggers use it. I mean take it from someone who used to take blog photos with her ancient iPhone 4 [finally upgraded and got the iPhone 6S Plus, only took me 6 years to come to my senses], make do with what you have because you will get the hack of it eventually.

3. You're not a bad blogger because your blog posts aren't getting a lot of views. Your content should be things that you are interested in and are passionate about, not because you think it'll get you views/blog followers. You shouldn't be blogging because of that and if you are, then fair enough, that's your choice. Blogs take time to grow and nurture, you just have to be patient and then things will fall into place.

4. You're not a bad blogger because you haven't got brands collaborating with you. Loads of bloggers have sponsored posts and have worked with lots of different brands etc and yeah, that is fabulous, I wont lie. However, just because you haven't, it doesn't mean that you are failing as a blogger. I have once or twice. But I have also declined lots as they don't suit me and what I would get normally. If you came into blogging expecting to get free stuff sent to you or big brands wanting to work with you, the truth is is that it is a blogging bonus and you are in for a wake up call!

5. You're not a bad blogger because you aren't a successful full time blogger and earning money from it. There are numerous bloggers who have made it big and you know what, good for them. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to do that and I applaud them. However, it takes balls, determination, courage and the ability to take the crap that comes with it because it's not easy. Just being a blogger isn't easy so never ever think that you aren't good enough to be one.
And there we go, sorry if this was a bit hard but please believe me when I say you are not a bad blogger.
Until next time
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  1. What a great post Caroline! It's so normal to compare yourself to other bloggers and sometimes come to the conclusion that you aren't a good one. This post is a post that every single blogger should read in order to remind themselves that there is no such thing as a bad blogger! xxx

    Melina |

    1. Aw thanks lovely, glad you like it! And definitely, no one is a bad blogger! x

  2. I absolutely loved this post!!! To be stressed over something that should be fun it's totally unnecessary.
    Also see we share the same opinion on many of these topics you just mentioned!

    xo, B.
    Porty's Diary | Facebook | Bloglovin | Blogs Portugal | Twitter


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