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Kicking off my Valentine's Day posts and this year, that day is going to be different to the 22 previous ones that have passed in my life. No, my heart is still cold, but for once, I won't be a singleton on Valentine's Day! Yep, Caz has finally bagged herself a boyfriend, can I get an amen up in here woooooo!

Due to the fact Ryan, that said boyfriend, is a fanboy, just like me [fanpeople united, you know], I wanted to get him quirky lil' presents to mark the day of looooove. I also treated myself to some bits n bobs [because I'm all about that self love] and came up with this Valentines gift guide if your partner is fangirls/boys over fictional characters and places that don't exist [I'm looking at you Merlin and you, Camelot].

So get ready for some fandom love...

With all the hype surrounding Beauty and The Beast and Primark's limited edition range to celebrate the films, I was determined to find as many of the fabulous products as I could. I have most of the amazing bargain BATB items they released [still on the look out for the Chip trinket dish though] but when I saw this lovely bracelet, for only £2, I had to get it. The simple silver design of the bracelet, that pretty rose, is so splendid, a cute gift to give your girlfriend/boyfriend this Valentine's! Primark's BATB products are the range that keeps on giving!


The Christmas sales can be either you finding loads of awesome, reduced things or it could be poop. Either way, it is always good to have a look around just in case! I picked up this R2D2 box for my boyfriends as he is obsessed with the Star Wars franchise! Due to the fact he has his own house, it can be quite messy and he loses things so I thought this would be a nice little box to keep his keys or cards or whatnot in. The funky box was half price, coming in at £2.50, from Wilkos. The force is definitely strong with this Valentine's present!


Who doesn't love a Toy Story and who doesn't love a throw??? This £6 Primark throw is so damn soft like I cant even begin to explain how soft this is. With the funky pattern featuring the funny Aliens from the franchise, it is such a great gift if your loved one loves Toy Story [like mine does]!




I am sooooo blooming [pun intended] I managed to find this fabulous £5 cauldron mug in Primark the other day! As a part of their Harry Potter range, I think this is such a great value product. Obviously in the shape of a cauldron, it has three little legs and the Hogwarts crest on the front. The handle is nice and big so you get a good grip on it [so you don't spill any of that love potion] and it is quite a reasonable sized mug. For any HP fan, this is such a quirky lil' gift

Ok this doesn't scream out fangirl automatically but bare with me as all will be explained. With this £1 Valentine's Day bargain, purchased from PoundLand, the red lidded jar comes with quite a few date night suggestion cards. Basically, you write down something to do on a date, fold them all up, pop them into the jar, and when it is date night, one of you pick a paper and you do whatever is suggested. Simple! The dates can be anything, that's down to the couple and individuals themselves writing them, but if you are like me and my boyfriend, there will be one or 10 things fandom related things in there. 'Disney film night', 'Cinema date to see the latest Star Wars film', etc etc. It is a quirky way to make dates fun and interesting!
And there we go, a little fandom gift guide for Valentine's Day!
Until next time

All photographs are my own


  1. Love the little jar thing. I made my hubby one of those but a big one for our first wedding anniversary and we used it all the time!

    Absolutely adore it.

    Rachael xox

    1. Awww they are a lovely little gift aren’t they, hope my boyfriend likes it x


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