Why I am continuing blogging

February has been a shite month. Pardon my language, but it really has. On the first of Feb, my lovely Daddy David passed away. He hasn't been well for months but it was still completely unexpected. One can never really prepare themselves for heartache and pain but one can get through it. Sounded like the Queen there, haha!

An oldie but a goldie
Due to everything happening, my blog has taken a massive back seat, understandable, but I was at a point in my mind where I was like 'what is the actual point of continuing to blog', I couldn't find a reason. Until one of the most obvious reasons came to light.

So here is why I am continuing to blog...

I rarely saw my father, we didn't have a strong relationship. But a relationship nonetheless. When we would meet up at one of our favourite restaurants [a veggie one at that too, yummy] or had our monthly phone call, we would just talk about life, everything and anything, but he would always mention my blog and how much he loved it and enjoyed reading it.
And there is the reason.
I owe a lot of who I have become to my dad and to Call Me Caz, both will never truly know how much I am grateful to them for. I was going to throw something away that has given me so much happiness and love in my life and something that my Dad loved too. All because I was in the mind set of not wanting to do anything and thinking 'what is the point'.
Now I think about it, there are numerous reasons as to why I am going to continue blogging. I enjoy writing and taking photos, its given me so much confidence, I love talking to bloggers and reading their blogs, to name but a few.
However, the main reason now is for my Dad. I know he wouldn't have wanted me to just give up so I'm not. Because of this, Call Me Caz is back up and running, just in need of me to actually get down and write some posts out, but it's still in the early stages.
My blog is in dedication and in memory of my Dad.
So here is to you, Daddy David.
Until next time
All photographs are my own
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