What TV Show to watch?!

We are all guilty of binge watching a TV show or a film series... We all have the totally brilliant and very addicted Netflix for this. I mean I watched all 5 series of Pretty Little Liars in like three weeks. I am proud of that achievement

Anyway, once you have finished (binge) watching a series, what on earth do you do next? You have just spent all day in your room (don't deny it) and you have no idea what day or what the time is so I thought I would help you out with five TV shows I binge watch constantly from my DVD collection.

From superheroes to crime to fantasy, there is a lot of adventure and action to get your eyes glued to the screen once more.

So here is 'What TV Show to watch?!, My top 5'...

A brief outline of the show:

The internationally loved programme focused on the early days of Merlin, before he became the all powerful wizard we associate him with today. It concentrates on him being the man servant of Prince (later King) Arthur of Camelot. In Camelot, under the ruling of Arthur's father, King Uther, the use of magic is banned. With this in mind, Merlin has to save the kingdom numerous times without being found out that he has magical powers. All in a days work, eh Merlin?
Starting in 2008, Merlin is my all time favourite TV show. It bought me Colin Morgan (who plays the title character) and Bradley James (who plays Arthur Pendragon) and guest stars include Nathaniel Parker, Michelle Ryan, Charles Dance, Emilia Fox, Asa Butterfield, Tom Ellis, John Lynch, Sarah Parish, Mackenzie Crook, Laura Donnelly.
With five series under its belt and ending in 2012, this is perfect if you love fantasy, adventure, comedy, drama! It is one of those for them lazy days where you binge watch a entire series... Or 5...
CSI: Crime Scene Investigations
A brief outline of the show:
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, a team of Crime Scene Investigators examine crime scenes (obviously) and scientifically analyse the evidence to solve the case from murders to kidnappings to so much more.
I was so gutted when this ended last year. CSI was perfect just to relax into, in a crime sort of way. The team was just fab, I love the cast so much with Greg Sanders being my fave person, he is so cute!
Some famous faces make an appearance throughout the 15 series including singers Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, actresses Dakota Fanning and Jennette McCurdy, actor Jeremy Renner and Chad Michael Murray.
If you love to solve murders then this is for you!
A brief outline of the show:
Originally books written by Arthur Conan Doyle, it focuses on the famous, deer stalker wearing detective and his companion Dr John Watson solving crimes in which the police are struggling with. Facing new criminals and new unsolved cases, this duo is like no other.
If you love a good old fashioned yet modern show, Sherlock is great for you! Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, the chemistry of these two as Holmes and Watson respectively is just heaven. With the likes of Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott, Louise Brealey and Amanda Abbington, the murder mysteries and problem solving pair is just what the doctor ordered!
The Fall
A brief outline of the show:
Set in Belfast it follows DSI Stella Gibson, a senior investigating officer who is tasked with reviewing a murder investigation. Things take a sinister turn when it becomes apparent a serial killer is on the loose. Gibson, along with other officers, must work and track down Paul Spector (you know he is the murderer from the very first scene so that isn't a spoiler) who has been attacking young professional women in the city. But will Spector get caught?
With series 3 coming out soon (I think later this year but could be wrong), this is my second favourite TV show ever after Merlin.
I love the fact that you know who the killer is from the start but it is a nice angle that we get to see Pauls (played by Jaime Dornan) family side along with his killer side.
The way Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson, and her team fight against the clock to work out who has been killing these women is just adrenaline pumping.
Will they, wont they find him? Like Sherlock but a bit more sinister. 
A brief outline of the show:
 Smallville is an American show about the DC Comic superhero Superman (aka Clark Kent). Throughout all 10 series, it focuses on Clark before he puts on the iconic blue suit and red underpants and cape. Meeting other people with unique superpowers, he battles both friend and foe over his high school/college/Daily Planet/early superhero years.
I am huge superhero fan. I have all of the Superman films and well, I stumbled on this TV show by accident whilst flicking through the old television. Starring Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Michael Rosenbaum, this teen drama is an action packed show with Clark, who is played by Tom, finding out his abilities... Maybe it is your destiny to watch this!
Well there you go, five TV shows you can totally just binge watch!
Have you watched any of them? Comment below!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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