Homemade Elasticated skirt

I love sewing now, I have had my sewing machine for 4 months and I make as many things as I can.
Due to the fact I am pretty confident in my sewing skills I wanted to be adventurous with my next make.

Yesterday, I created an elasticated skirt. Yep, all from free hand as well. No help what so ever. Just me, some fabric and my sewing machine.

And I am going to show you how I made mine!

So here is 'Homemade Elasticated skirt'...

What you will need:
Two different material (one for the skirt pattern outside, for inside-the lining) enough so you have fit it around your hips plus extra for seam allowance.
Thread to match your pattern
Elastic to fit around your waist as well as extra
Fabric chalk
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine
Note: if this is your first time making a skirt, use either a small print or plain material as it is hard to line strips or big patterns up.
What to do now...
1. Before anything, measure out your hips, waist and the length you want your skirt to be. Now take your fabric (inside out with the material your skirt inside the lining material). Fold in half, and this is your skirt, make sure it fits around your hips and waist.
2. Measure out your measurements, adding 2/3cm for seam allowance and cut it out. I used the fold as one side so you only have to sew on one edge (this is the back of the skirt).

Folded fabric, all measured out and ready to be sewn up!
You should see the lignin material outside like shown.
3. Sew along the edge, leaving 3cm at both ends so don't sew all the way up and you have your skirt, keep on making sure it still fits around your hips.

4. The bottom of your skirt now, fold over 3cm seam allowance you left and sew along this. You have your skirt's bottom hem.

Both steps 3 and 4 shown.
The back of the skirt sewn up as well as the bottom hem.
5. Now for the elastic. Take the top of the skirt and fold over the 3cm you left.
Take you elastic, placing it on the fold and draw a line. This is the channel where you put the elastic through. Sew this and well, put the elastic through. A bit of advice, put a safety pin at the top of the elastic and use this to push it through the channel. Believe me it makes it so much easier!

Sew the elastic channel.
6. So now you have your bottom done and the elastic at the top.
Place the skirt on yourself and measure out the elastic, making sure it isn't too tight or too lose. Once you are happy with this, sew the elastic together and sew up the ends of the channel. Give your skirt a check over, sew up any ends that are loose or any holes in the sewing.
The elastic through the channel, sewed up.
7. Put your skirt and give it swirl!
Here is mine:

Elasticated waist!

Bottom finish!

Full skirt!
And there you have it, you have just made a skirt.
If you made one then please send me a picture, I would love to see them! Send me them via my social media accounts (see below for links)
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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