Love is in the air

Ahhh its that time of year again where, in a couple of days, we see photos of Pandora rings and red roses filling up our new feeds on social media sites... Yep, Valentine's Day.

Not going to lie, I don't like this day. Not because I don't have a valentine's, I'm not bothered about that, but the fact I don't see the point of it??! Surely you don't need a day to tell someone you love them or buy them little gifts? You should do this everyday (perhaps not the gifts). Just my opinion!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Anyway, I have written this post despite these facts as some of you will be in relationships and well, I don't want to damper anyone's special day.

So here is 'Love is in the air'...

This lovey dovey post will include some nail art that will get you all loved up and a super duper cute outfit perfect for if you go on a daytime date along with a simple makeup look.

So let's begin!
Nail Art

All you will need is a red and white nail polish!
I used Primark's P.S nail polish I got for Christmas.
Paint white polish on three fingers plus your thumb and paint your second finger nail red.
From left to right on the photo: draw tiny red dots on your little finger, I have drawn three stripes on the next finger (you can do more if you wish), middle finger draw tiny little hearts, leave the second finger on your hand just red and finally draw a big love heart on you thumb nail and voila, you have pretty Valentine's Day nails!

Shirt: M&S, £18 in the sale
Pinafore: Primark, £12
I love this shirt so much and it's only fitting for it to be included in this post with the small love heart pattern.
Matched with this adorably cute pinafore, it is a sweet outfit for if you are going out on a date with your partner. It is smart yet casual and different to your usual red dress!
No7 Foundation (Cool Ivory shade)
No7 Stay Perfect lipstick (Hot Copper shade)
Well there you have, a Valentine's Day post despite the fact I don't particularly like it!
I'm off to go and binge watch Netflix and eat a hell of a lot of chocolate, popcorn and sweets, yep.
I hope you have a nice time whatever you are doing on this day!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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