Top 5 favourite songs of all time

Music is one of the best things in life. Well, saying that, the recent 'music' we have nowadays are just questionable. However, there have been some classics over the years, even before my lifetime.

Mambo No5 by Lou Bega, Livin Da Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Run by Snow Patrol, I'm a Believer by The Monkees, Dancing Queen by ABBA, Thriller by Michael Jackson, I will survive by Gloria Gaynor, One Love by Blue, some absolute classic tunes that will always get you dancing, singing your heart out and never get old!

Music is a moral law.
It gives soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and charm and gaiety to life
and to everything.
Due to this, here are my five favourite ever songs I love completely. With these songs, I could literally not hear them for years but when I do, they make me insanely happy and forget everything in that moment.

So here is 'Top 5 favourite songs of all time'...

I will listen to every song whilst I type this blog pot out so these are literally my views on why they are my favourite as I hear them play.

Fix You - Coldplay (2005)

Where to even start with this song. It is just utterly beautiful.
Taken from Coldplay's X+Y album, I think it was for lead singer Chris Martin's then wife, Gwyneth Paltrow and her dad, who sadly passed away in 2002.
If you just stop everything and just listen to the lyrics, there is something so peaceful yet hauntingly sad about them.
Mix that in with the guitar and piano at the very start and then the up lifting yet heart breaking drums and electric guitar later on, it makes you think.
Something you have lost, something you miss dearly, something irreplaceable.
It makes me think of everyone that I miss so much in my life.
I cry every time I hear this song but never the less, it is simply stunning.
That's why it is one of my favourite songs of all time.

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol (2006)
Taken from Snow Patrol's Eyes Open album, I just really love this song.
I have no idea what the song is about but my perspective on it is that it is a love song, just lying with someone and taking the world and that moment in in that space of time.
It just makes me stop and think about everything and everyone.
With the slow start to the song then turning into this uplifting sound, I just utterly adore this song.
What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstong (1967)
How can you not love this song?!
It is so peaceful and relaxing.
When it was first release all those years ago, I guess it was something positive in a negative world.
It serves as a reminder that there are wonderful, little things in the world to smile about.
With its jazz feel and Armstrong's strong but calming voice, it is a classic that will never ever disappear. It is timeless.
It makes me hopeful for the future ahead.
Outro - M83 (2011)
By M83 and taken from the Hurry up, We're Dreaming album, this song is just pure happiness.
Most of it is literally just the tune (I think 30 seconds of 4 minutes have singing) but I just feel like I can accomplish anything when I listen to this.
I just find it really emotional but also that I can triumph in everything.
It is like a rainbow after it rains and it fills you with happiness and positivity.
Like a sunrise. Starting afresh, rising, peaking through tress, coming through obstacles, and being this colourful wonder of the world.
Outro is dramatic and simple but so beautiful to listen to and that is why I love it.
Keep on Movin - 5ive (1999)

My favourite song of all time, words cannot describe how much I love this song.
Taken from their album Invincible, it is a funky song with a fab beat and cheesy lyrics but my god, I flipping love it so much.
Like Outro, I feel like I can do anything when I listen to this song.
In a bad situation, this song brings me joy and reminds me to literally move on from it and remain positive.
It is also a bloody class tune to sing along to and dance around in your bedroom to as well.
What is not to love?!

What can I say, they don't make music the same way anymore!
From timeless classics to motivational songs, I have a weird taste in music but my god, I wouldn't change it for the world.
What are your favourite songs?
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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