Happy 2nd Birthday Buttercup!

Two years, 731 days, 17544 hours later and here we are, on the 17th June, my little bit of the internet is two years old today! My golly gosh, it has been fun! Cheer Up Buttercup is my little baby and I can't believe I am still here, posting on it.

Happy 2nd Birthday blog!
Last year I did a post about my favourite things that happened in those 12 months. This year, I am doing the same because a lot of fab things have happened and well, why not!

So here is 'Happy 2nd Birthday Buttercup!'


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On 30th January 2016, I graduated my foundation degree.
I graduate twice, one for the foundation and the other for my BA Hons degree, which I have just completed and will graduate in July.
I just felt really proud and all emotional during the event.
Sharing the special moment with the people who have gone on the journey with me and who deserved their results, it just made me incredibly happy.
BA Hons degree
I have just completed my BA Hons degree in Journalism.
Like I just said, I graduate again for this in July but my gosh, I have had all of my overall module results back and just waiting on what I will receive for my degree.
I would be super duper happy with a 2:2, if I got higher than my god, but I am so nervous yet really excited to find out my result! I want them nowwwwwww!
I had my final module mark back a week ago and it was for the broadcast module. Now, I love video/audio and editing but if I have to see one more Mac in my life, it is going out of the window. It was the most stressful module out of the five I had. I did my documentary on blogging and if you can make a career out of it. Interviewing local bloggers and editing all of the footage, it was a struggle.
However, my pain and suffering was clearly worth it as I got 80% for that module.
How the hell did I get that???!
What a way to end my final year at university!
Blogger events
Over the past 12 months, I have been to 3 blogger events and they have all been so fun!
Now, this is a huge achievement for me because I get really bad anxiety and I would have never gone to one before but I decided that it was time to face my demons and to be more positive in life.
And I am glad I did because these three were so fab, meeting other local bloggers and filled with laughter, makeup and tasty cakes!
Read my blog post about the events here:
The Olde Young Tea House, No7 Makeup event, Songbird Bakery
Where to even begin with this one.
From having afternoon tea at The Ritz, having a delicious meal at The Ivy for my 21st, going to the Spectre premiere, seeing Wicked, The Importance of Being Ernest and Jersey Boys in the theatre to seeing the Queen, stuffing Toothless at Build a Bear, being on ITV's Loose Women in the audience, a day trip to Brighton and seeing my love, Audrey Hepburn, in her photography exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, there has been many London adventures in the last year and they have all created some memories for me to treasure forever.
Pimms and Needles
At the age of just 20, I joined women's group, Pimms and Needles.
It was suppose to be a Women's Institute group but we decided to remain as an independent ladies group and well the meetings have certainly been interesting.
From a vintage tea party, Christmas market to a life drawing meeting, there has been a lot of cake, laughs and enjoyment.
I have found a huge passion in photography, thanks to my degree.
Yes, I don't want to be a journalist any more but I love taking pictures so I am thinking about becoming a photographer or someone in design but still in the journalism industry.
Aye, you don't get rid of me that easily!
I have set up a website to showcase some of my work, please take a look.
From London and York to Whitby (pictured above) and Saltburn, I have had some adventures with my family and friends.
I love going to places, mainly because I can take photographs, but it creates memories and I adore that.
I finally decorated my bedroom and I am in love with it.
Goodbye posters, clutter and covered, pink walls I have had for the past 6 years and hello to vintage heaven.
From my cream walls, floral bunting and a beautiful vintage mirror that was my grandmas to my Audrey Hepburn painting, bureau and a new bed (finally), it is my little space to relax and obviously sleep in and I wouldn't change it for the world!
Bake and Makes
I have always been creative. If it isn't creative then I am not interested.
I love baking and since I received a sewing machine for my 21st present, I decided to make and bake something different every month as my new year resolution.
It has been so much fun, I can't even begin to say!
From making cushions, tote bags, an elasticated skirt and button wall art all from scratch to honeycomb ice cream, cheesecake, passion fruit pots, marshmallow biscuits and a chocolate cake with a twist, I have loved every minute of it!
The most recent ones have been a Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired eye mask and popcorn pizza!
Herbs and a rose
I recently started to grow herbs and a rose in my little section of the back garden.
I painted some plant pots and I just love how pretty and vintage it is looking at the moment.
From basil, coriander, parsley and mint to strawberries and a beautiful pale pink rose 9my favourite flower of them all), can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that I haven't killed them yet!
Like last year, I have had some realisations.
Finishing uni and graduating has given me the confidence to be able to do everything my heart wants, boosting my confidence and finally realising that I actually like me.
Compared to when I first set up this blog, I am a much happier and positive person now and it feels so blooming fantastic!
Well there you have it!
2 whole years!!! I cannot believe it!
Here is to another 2 years (and to more hopefully)!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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