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One of my favourites things to do is taking photographs of absolutely everything and anything. Varying from people, places I have visited, flowers, food or even random things I find pretty, I absolutely love photography.

Not going to lie, I have no idea why or where this passion came from, I just used to take photos on my camera phone, edited them and hope for the best that they came out alright.

This post will show you how to take a good pictures form some of the things I have learned over the years and at university.

First things first, here are some of my photos I have taken.

Nature is a very pretty thing

I can't help take a photograph if I see a pretty flower. I cannot resist it. I love the texture, patterns, colours and the flower itself makes for an interesting and pretty picture.

Pink rose
One of the things why I love taking a picture of a flower is when it has just stopped raining and there are rain drops on the petals.

From roses and lilies to orchids and trees, taking a photo of an everyday object you see can capture something so beautiful, which makes me really happy.

London Calling... Again!

I go to the UK capital city every year just as a small holiday. So like any tourist visiting a place, I love to take photos of everything. They are basically memories I can keep and remember forever.

From the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster and London Eye, I love capturing moments and attractions all over this city.

Honestly, I love this city and every time I go I see something different, something I didn't see in the previous trips. That is what is so special about this city. Everywhere you go you see something unique and you get a photo of something you might not see for a while or ever again.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

If I go to a different place, a local park or somewhere I haven't been for years, there is no doubt in my mind I will take a photo there.

From Preston Park, Great Ayton and the city of York to seaside favourites Scarborough and Redcar, taking photos of them is a must on any visit.


My favourite place to take a photo of is the seaside town of Scarborough, Yorkshire. This is mainly due to I use to visit there all the time because my grandparents, later on my dad, lived there. The house they lived in was a five minute walk to a cliff overlooking the castle, harbour, beach and part of the town (seen in the photo on the right). It will forever be my favourite place to go and take photos of.

Random things are the best

These are basically other random pictures I have taken over the years.

From sunsets, animals, people and food, I really did mean it when I said I take a picture of everything I find pretty.

Homemade meringues and fruit

Like I said before, nearly everything has beauty in it and nearly everything is photographable, it just takes a pair of eyes to see it.

So there are my photographs I have taken over the years.
Now here is your turn to picture the perfect photo.
  1.  A good camera

    Obviously to take a picture you will need a camera. However, you don't need a top of the range digital camera. Personally, I use my iPhone and I think it takes great pictures.
  2. You got to focus

    Focus the camera so it isn't blurry is key. You don't want a blurry photo as that is rubbish. Focusing the lens gives you more of a precise and sharp photograph compared to a blurred and pixelated one.
  3. Take a couple

    By taking a couple of pictures of the same thing, you can later decide which one it the best when you look at them.
    Say if you took 3 of a flower, you can go through them as see if any of them are blurry, not focused, if its too bright/dark etc. It really does make it easier to get the perfect picture.
  4. Editing is a back up

    Editing a photo to make it a little bit brighter/darker, cropping it or just changing the tone of the pictures can make all the different.
    Changing the colour to make it black and white or to make it more colourful can make or break a photograph.
  5. Take a picture of anything

    Just take a photo of everything, you might miss something that is so pretty and interesting yet you didn't take a photo of it.
    If you are going away, going out, wondering through a park or a place, then take a picture to always remember it.
Well that is it for this post. I hope this has helped and if you do take any photos then show me them, I would love to see them!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!



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