Review| 22 Jump Street

Before you read (hopefully) my review on the 2014 film 22 Jump Street, I just wanted to say that I am now going to be writing my film/TV Shows reviews on this blog and not on my film review blog. I have deleted that due to I never used it and it is much easier for me just to do it all on this blog. So look out for more reviews and hope you enjoy this one!

22 Jump Street

Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Amber Stevens, Wyatt Russell
Running Time: 1hr, 50mins
Release Year: 2014
Rating out of 5: 4

Normally, sequels of films are not as good as the first one. However, 22 Jump Street definitely lived up to all the hype surrounding it.

Starring Hill (as Schmidt) and Channing Tatum (as Jenko), the duo return to put bad guys in prison, pretty much like the first film, 21 Jump Street.
However, this time they go undercover at a college to investigate a new drug (WHYPHY- Work Hard Yes Play Hard Yes). As things begin to heat up, their partnership faces its ups and downs but it is definitely one to watch, although not all will enjoy depending on what they find funny and what they don’t.

Throughout the film, the jokes and the one liners make the audience laugh every second, whilst the stunts provide the action. Let’s just say it is very immature and silly but in a good way for some.

This film all round is a very watchable and hilarious sequel to 21 Jump Street, perfect for those who enjoy action/comedy movies.

In terms of another sequel, I wouldn’t turn down the chance of seeing it in the cinema that’s for sure.

If you have not seen the first one then do. I would recommend this film for any people, especially those who are on spring break- hopefully yours was not as bad as it was for Schmidt and Jenko in 22 Jump Street.

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