Why I love Colin Morgan!

Warning: A LOT of fangirling will be in this post.

So sorry I haven't posted in a while, been really busy with uni work etc.

However, I am back and this time I am going to be telling you why I love a certain actor named Colin Morgan.

Wearing my Merlin top with Colin on it and my Merlin figurine!
Here are my reason why I (and you) should fall for this Irish charm.

1. Doesn't let fame go to his head

The main reason why I love Colin so much isn't because he is good looking (because he totally is) but because he doesn't let fame go to his head.

He will stop to take a photo with you. He will sign things for you. He will ask you how you are etc. He will care about you, his fans.

Unlike many actors and famous people generally, he doesn't boost about his personal life. In fact he is so private, fangirls don't even know if he has a middle name or if he is single or not. I need to know, ok. Fangirl problems!

2. He is amazingly perfect

Ok so I may have lied when I said this isn't a main reason but he is so good looking in my eyes. That jawbone, those cheekbones, that hair, that stubble/beard, those ears, those eyes and those nostrils! Yeah, you read that right, his nostrils! They are pretty impressive!

Ever since he was in BBC One hit drama Merlin, playing the title role, I have been obsessed with him. Not in a crazy stalker way but I love him in a fan way. How can you not, I mean look at him!

Male crush for definite *drools*

3. He is Irish

If you know me personally or follow me on my twitter then you will know me all time favourite accent is Irish. And since Mr Morgan has an Irish accent, well it was inevitable I would fall in love with him.

However, I didn't even know he was Irish at first because in Merlin he talked with an English accent! When I found out he is from Armagh, I was so confused but so happy at the same time.

At least I wasn't the only one who didn't know he was from Northern Ireland!

4. He played Merlin

Merlin will always be my favourite ever TV show. No doubt about that. The cast, storylines, crew and the feels. It is so perfect as many would agree.
However, the show also bought me Colin.

At the time of it airing (2008), I was going through a rough patch in my life and watching this and him was an escapism for me. His acting skills in my eyes are top notch!

When he won Best Male for Drama Performance in 2013, I cried. I am being completely serious, I cried a river. I was so proud and emotional because he completely deserved it and it was the last time he would have been nominated for the award playing Merlin (it finished in 2012). I mean he beat Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith, who I love too, to win it!

(I still say Merlin should have won the NTA for Best Show or whatever the award was, not Downton Abbey!!!)

His acceptance speech for the NTA:

5. He is a vegetarian

He is a veggie! Like me, yey! Although he is one because of his allergies and the fact he is lactose intolerant but he can cook! I love cooking/baking and the fact he can makes me love him even more!

Imagine him cooking a meal for you... I think I would die. (Not of his food)

Anyway, random fact time! Apparently he loves Thai food (don't know if this is true because he is so secretive about his life).

Not going to lie, would love him to cook me something.

6. He can actually act


In my eyes, most of the actors on TV and films cannot act. I'm sorry but that's my opinion!

However, Colin can. He is so dedicated to every single role he has played in TV/films, from Merlin, Doctor Who and Quirke to Parked and Island. He is a joy to watch.

He is currently in the TV show The Fall (on BBC Two, Thursdays at 9pm) and Humans (not out until sometime in 2015) and the films Testament of Youth and Legends, both out early next year, 2015.

He also does theatre, in which I love going to see (another reason why). Unfortunately I haven't been able to see him perform as the plays are mostly in London, however I managed to get hold of The Tempest 2013, which he played Ariel. He was so good in it. Who knew my Irish prince could sing and dance so well.

7. His charity work

He does a lot of charity work. Here are some of the things he has done.

In 2010 he signed several pictures for an auction for Wamcare (Worldwide Association for ME/CFS Awareness and Research). the money went towards research.

In the same year he again auctioned off his signature (also with Bradley James', who played Arthur in Merlin), to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

In December 2012, he was part of 24 Hour Musicals at the Old Vic Theatre with another 30 media related people. The night managed to raise an amazing £182,000.

He cares about the people and communities around him. He would do nearly anything for charity most likely!

8. He loves nature!

He is into anything to do with nature. he cares about what is happening to the planet and the animals on it.

In fact, he says that Sir David Attenborough, who presents natural history TV shows, is his hero.

He cares about animals and their natural habitat and gaining new experiences from across the world.

It has been stated that it is very important to him, another reason why I adore this man.

Just call him Tarzan from now on HA

9. He followed his dream

According to him and websites, when he said he wanted to be an actor when he was older, they use to put him down by saying you won't succeed or something.

Yet, here he is. An actor, doing what he has dreamed of doing.

However, just because he is an actor doesn't mean that he lets it go to his head. Like I said before, he is very down to earth and doesn't take anything for granted.
He keeps to himself, doesn't flaunt himself, something in which I think some 'celebrities' should do. 

10. His crazy but lovely fans

His fans are some of the nicest people I have ever came across. As I have twitter, I follow loads of Colin Morgan fans and all we do is share photos/videos and talk about him. Constantly. It is great, one of the reasons why I love twitter so much!

They don't tweet people hate like "you should kill yourself" etc unlike some other fandoms do when people say they don't like him. I hate it when fangirls do this, there is no need.

Anyway, I have made a lot of twitter friends because of him.

Fangirl advantages!!!

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Some random facts about this Irish cutie:

Facts from: http://colinmorganfan.com/colin/facts-and-trivia/

So there you have it. The magic that is Colin Morgan, ladies and gentlemen.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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