Breakfast at Tiffany's book review

-This is for my university course! During the holiday I had to write a book review so I did it on a book I have always wanted to read so this post is purely for that.-

Breakfast at Tiffany's by
Truman Capote, Penguin

Breakfast At Tiffany’s is one of the all-time classic must read books.
Title: Breakfast At Tiffany's

Author: Truman Capote

Book Contains: Breakfast At Tiffany's and three short stories:
                             House of Flowers, A Diamond Guitar and A
                             Christmas Memory

First Published: 1958

Warning: book contains some strong language within
During the 1940s, in New York City, Miss Holiday ‘Holly’ Golightly, a fashionable, in-the-know, self-named "wild thing" and comical leading lady, unexpectedly forms a friendship with her neighbour, a writer –whose real name is never mentioned in the novel but Holly refers to him as Fred because her reminds her of her brother.

We often associate it with the 1964 film of the same name, starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard but the book conveys concepts that the film does not.
Focusing on their relationship, Holly Golightly is a deeper, fragile and more real character compared to Hepburn’s famous and glamourous portrayal, whilst the narrator - the writer- plays her knight in shining armour or so we think.

Scared of being caged and wanting to be free from some of her surrounding, the book delves into the concept of loneliness and acceptance in a person, in this case Holly.

As the reader, a part of you will feel sorry for the 18-19 year old for being in a big city full of people but feeling isolated and needing stability in her life. It highlights how some people change their whole look and persona on how they think people will perceive them.

The other half does not as she is a heart-breaker and a tease to wealthy men, wanting them mainly for their money.

However, you cannot help but fall for her quirky charm and cannot help fall in love with her.

A 150 paged book you can finished off in a day for sure.

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