Getting ready for a new term

On the 30th September, I am going back to university having had 2ish months off and I cannot wait! No, really, I am so excited to go back!

However, I am not that excited buying all of the things for my course as I am now poor.
I spent way too much money over the summer holidays and have about £10 in my account for the train to get me to uni.

So this is my guide for getting ready for uni or if you are going to school/college but on a budget!

1. "Do you have a pen I could borrow?"

Now we have all asked this question and for those who say you didn't then I don't believe you. Pen are obviously a must have. For writing down notes or drawing sketches etc, it is one of the essentials you need in your pencil case. Personally, I also buy same black inked pens because I have a bit of a OCD phase if my notes are in different ink colours. To ensure this, I buy multi packs which you normally get 10 pens per pack. You can buy these from Wilkinsons, WH Smiths, Staples, Asda, Tescos, pretty much anywhere that sells 'Back to School' things!

Multi pack black pens, Wilkinsons, £1.50
2. "My pencil is blunt"

Pens are also essential for any pencil case. Buying a multi pack makes it easier for you as you always have a spare if you left the other one at home etc and you do not panic thinking you haven't got another pencil in case it snaps. A sharper and eraser is also a must because well, it is. Simple as that. So no more "my pencil is blunt" excuses! Search online and look around shops to see what is the cheapest price you can get.

3. "You will need to write this bit down"

In any course or class you are in, you will most likely need to write down notes. Obviously to do this you will need to have a notepad/notebook (if you are not supplied with one from your teacher). Ones that are margined and already got holes in are my first choice. This makes the notes easier to read and to write down as they are neat. Again you can buy them nearly anywhere on the high street and online.

Two notepad, Wilkinsons,
sold separately, 50p each
4. "Keep notes in a safe place!"
By "safe place", I really mean is a folder. A ring binder or an arched one, folders are so important they really are a safe place to keep your notes. By hole punching them or putting them into plastic wallets (seen number 4) then in months to come it should be easier for you to find/come back to if you need them. You would not want your English, History or Media Studies notes to be mixed in with your Geography, IT or Maths ones now do we? Look around high street shops or online to see if they are on offer and buy one for each subject or module.
5. "Neat and tidy!"

If you have a lot of notes or hand outs from your teachers/class mates, then plastic wallets for you folder are great for keeping them together all neat and tidy. Separating different topics out and placing them in a wallet, you can easily find and take out that certain wallet if you need to revise or need that topic for your homework etc. In certain store, you can buy 50 wallets in a pack. This obviously varies depending on what shop you are looking at etc.

Flower folder, Wilkinsons, other styles available, £2.00
Plastic wallets, Wilkinsons, 50 wallets per pack, £1.00

6. "Mark pages in you text books out"

If you have loads of text books and you have to remember a certain word/phrase on a page then sticky notes are perfect for this. By writing what the page is about and marking it in your books, it helps you remember what you need to know and you can easily come back to it. You can buy all different kinds of colours, shapes and sizes of sticky notes depending on the shop.

Sticky notes: Tescos, multipack, 4 colours
4 Highlighters, Wilkinsons, multipack, 75p
7. "Highlighting goes along way"

When it comes to revising or trying to remember key information, highlighting words/phrases helps a lot. Highlighter really do go along way when you are struggling to remember something. Buying different colours also give you an option to highlight different things in your text. You can buy multi packs at high street stores or online.

8. "Keep your pens etc together"

A pencil case helps you keep all of your bits and bobs together- pens, pencils, colouring pencils, felt tips, highlighters, rulers etc. This will make you organise for lessons and you will known where everything is. A variety of pencil cases are available from just plain coloured ones to novelty ones. Not every store and online shop does the same so have a look around and see which one you love the most and what gives you what you need.

Doctor who pencil case, I don't know
where this is from as it was a
Christmas present from my mum.

9. "Where can I put it?"

Storage is key to keeping your uni folders and books. I have a cupboard in my desk I keep all of mine in which helps when I need to do work etc but you can buy boxes to put everything in. Therefore, by having them in a cupboard or in boxes in your room, you are not panicking thinking "where are they" or "what have I don't with my note" etc.

Other equipment you may want that aren't mentioned: a hole punch, stapler, calculator, paints, paint brushes, revision books, text books. Depending on what you do then you probably wont need all of these. Visit shops and go online to find out more about them.
Some websites:

Well that is it! I hope this has helped you get into the swing of going back to school/college or university! Have a great time and good luck.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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