10 things I love at the minute!

Since the last couple of posts have been quite serious, this one wont be.

These are 10 things I love at the minute. This is how it will be written: 2 songs, 2 films, 2 books, 2 TV shows, 2 items of clothing. Simple as that.

So let us begin!

Summer tunes

Yes, I do know that it is officially Autumn now (YEY because its my favourite time of the year) but I do want to make the most of the sunshine and go outside, listening to songs and just chill.

Normally I listen to more punk rock music but 2014 has had some massive hits!

So here are my two summer tunes I love still!

1. It is all about the bass!

FINALLY a song that doesn't have skinny models in the video or has sexual references in the lyrics! ITS ABOUT TIME!!!
American born Meghan Trainor's summer hit, "All about the bass" is one of my favourite songs of 2014. The lyrics and the music video are just perfect and I can relate to the song so much! For example the lyric: "every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top", just proves that you don't have to be skinny. It is fine to be what ever size you what to be. Although some might say she is 'dissing' people who are thin, I still think that there is a power message that needs to be said more. BE AND LOVE YOURSELF, no matter what you look like!

Song taken from her album, Title, out now!

Here is the video, enjoy:

2. I can't shake this song off!

My second song of the summer is Shake It Off by American star Taylor Swift.

Known for her more country style song, this tune is completely different in the fact that it is a pop song. This is definitely a song I dance crazily and sing along to. Some of the lyrics (the chorus really) have a message behind saying just shake off all of the bad things and people and get on with your life how you want to. Again, just be you!

Song taken from her 5th studio album, 1989, released later this year.

Here is the quirky video, which I love:

On the big screen

Moving onto films now. If you know me or have read other blog posts then you will know I would love to be a film reviewer when I am older. So here are my two favourite films so far of the year!

1. Forever wanting Toothless!

I have always been a huge fan of dragons and magical creatures so when How To Train Your Dragon 2 came out I need to go and see it! I will forever want Toothless the Nightfury dragon- he is just too cute! The first film was amazingly brilliant so I was nervous that this one wouldn't match it but it didn't disappoint my high expectations. I don't think I have ever laughed, cried and been involved in a film ever in my life before. I got really into it.

This film is perfect for everyone! Kids, adults, families, friends, everyone will love it.

DVD release date: November 2014

My HTTYD2 review: http://carolineosbelonfilms.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/how-to-train-your-dragon-2.html

Film certificate: PG, mild violence.

HTTYD2 theatrical trailer:

NOTE- there will be a How To Train Your Dragon 3 which I am super duper excited about!!!

2. I want to live on Jump Street!

22 Jump Street has to be one of the most funniest, weird and crazy sequels I have seen for a long time. Normally I am not a fan of sequels as they are not as good as the first one but this film certainly lived up to all the hype. Not going to lie, this film made me love Jonah Hill even more!

My 22 Jump Street review: http://carolineosbelonfilms.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/22-jump-street.html

Film Certificate: 15, strong language, violence, drug and sex references

22 Jump Street theatrical trailer:

NOTE- there will be a third film!

What's on the box?

Every year when it is coming up Christmas, TV shows come swarming on. For example, when The X Factor (ITV), Downton Abbey (ITV) and Strictly Come Dancing (BBC One) is on you know you are close to the end of the year.
However, there are some good programmes on at the moment.
Here are my favourite two TV series:

1. Through time and space

If you have been reading other post then you will know how much of a fangirl I am. I am obsessed with lots of tv shows, one of them being Doctor Who. Luckily for me the new series 8 is currently on at the moment on BBC One on a Saturday night.

In his first ever full Doctor Who series playing the title role, Peter Capaldi and his trusty companion, Clara Oswald (played by Jenna Louise Coleman) travel through time and space defending the galaxy from the evil forces. New and old enemies appeared in the 12 episode series as well as new faces. It is one hell of a ride for any fan.

New series started on 23rd August. Catch up on any episodes of the series at BBC iPlayer.

2. Its a gangster thing

Recently I started watching the first series of BBC Two drama series Peaky Blinders, starring Cillian Murphy. Set in Birmingham after World War One, the six part series follows Murphy's character Tommy Shelby and his gang around the city and the 'trouble' they cause.

First airing in 2013, the hit historical series is back with a new series. New faces such as real life couple Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley, who actually live near me, are appearing in it. It is going to be one good series!

New series will begin on 2nd October on BBC Two.

Series 2 teaser trailer:


What to read?

I do like to read from time to time. If I enjoy the first chapter of the book then I continue reading, if I don't I put it down and wont finish reading it.
Here are two books I could not put down over the summer holidays.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote

I am a huge fan of actress Audrey Hepburn so when I first watched the film Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), I knew I had to read the book. So I bought myself it and I can honestly say I loved it. I finished it within a couple of weeks (it normally takes me like a month or two to complete a book).

I wont go into too much detail about the book as I have already written a book review for a university assignment but it is definitely worth a read!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

For my Breakfast at Tiffany's book review, click here.

2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Now a blockbuster film, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS) is one book that will make you cry your heart out.
First published in 2012, the book follows 16 year old Hazel Lancaster who is a cancer patient attending a support group. There, she meets and falls in love with 17 year old ex-basketball player and amputee, Augustus Walters.

Reading this book had me cry in my pillow like a big baby, no lie. It is so emotional, the way it is written, the way the characters develop and the way the plot evolves. 100% worth a read but make sure you have tissues ready and waiting.

TFIOS theatrical trailer for the 2014 film adaptation (DVD out now)

NOTE- you can buy both book at all good book shops!

Passion for fashion

Last but not least, my two favourite clothing items I have bought recently, in the sale of course!

1. Long dungarees from Primark

Long dungarees, now £7, was £17
Sizes 8-20
I love a good pair of dungarees. Print, plain or denim, I have lots of them. Recently shopping in Primark I bought myself a pair of light blue long dungarees, only costing my £7 (originally £17) and I cannot get enough of them. Pairing them with a plain, simple top, they make me feel as if it was summer again. A bargain buy I must say! Keep a look out in Primark for bargain finds.

2. Hot pink dress from George at ASDA

Pink dress, now £8, was £16,
sizes 8-20
In my wardrobe I have about 20 dresses as I love wearing them (they make me feel girly). However, I
have been looking for a new dress to wear for my Nanna birthday party in November. After weeks of looking, I finally found myself a dress to wear in ASDA and in the sale! This hot pink dress has a detailed top with a floaty bottom, which I love the most about it. The girly dress was half price, from £16 to £8 so another bargain buy by me!

I also bought myself a dark pink shirt with shoulder detail for university in the sale from £12 to £8 so I was really happy with both purchases!

ASDA sale is on now for a period of time.

Well there you have it, 10 things I just love at the moment!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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