You can't have too much makeup, right?!

Another day, another blog post where I try not to get too carried away on my love of a beauty product. A couple of months ago, I bought myself a Makeup Revolution eye palette and just fell head over heels with it. This beauty brand is not only afford but really good quality so when I saw that they were bringing out some retro luxe matte lip kits, I was sooooo wanting to try on out! I mean, you can never have too many lip products right?!

After them being sold out last week in my nearest Superdrug store, I finallyy managed to get my hands on one yesterday in town! There are eight amazing colours (including a purple and green, like all my dreams are coming true woo) and I got me hands on my favourite lip colour, red, or in their shade Regal!
I will also include what else I bought in my favourite beauty brand's section as well because if you bought over £12 in Makeup Revolution products you got their pretty Love the Revolution palette for free (its normally worth £8).

So here is what I thought of Makeup Revolution's Retro Luxe Matte Lip kit...

Like how beautiful is this lip colour though!
I am soooooooooooo in love with this product.
The lip pencil is smooth and so easy to put on, like normally I cannot use a lip pencil to save me life as it just goes everywhere but this one is one of the best ones I have tried!
The matte lipstick itself looked like a more peachy orange in the container but my gosh, the colour once it is on is absolutely fabulous! Its such a strong, bold red, like it makes me feel like such a badass when it is on!
Now for the food test. With every lippy I buy, I always do this test as some lipsticks I've had in the past doesn't stay on and becomes all faded after I have eaten something!
However, this lippy stays on, doesn't smudge or fade at all so this is honestly fab news!
And now to breathe and to look at the other products I bought along with my lip kit!
Love the Revolution palette, £8 (Currently free when you spend over £12 or more on other Makeup Revolution products)
I cannot wait to try these products out, especially the fixing spray as I am sooooo intrigued by it!
Well there you have it, another fabulous lipstick to my collection and I cannot be happier at this fact woooooooo!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 

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