My top five 'ships'

Today's post is carrying on with my fangirl series. I haven't posted in one of these posts in a while and it is back with my top five ships!

A ship is when you want two characters to be together and well, you invest all of your time and energy into them and they will probably break your heart and get your right in the feels but it is so worth it to see them happy and breatheeeeee. Therefore I will be showing you my top five couples that I ship.

So here is 'My top five 'ships''...

Sherlock (2010-)

First up we have John and Sherlock, ie Johnlock, from BBC One's smash hit crime drama Sherlock!
I loveeeeee these two! Everyone I know ships them so badly like they need to stop being so cute together! From the way Sherlock is protective of John and the way John keeps Sherlock grounded sometimes, their chemistry is undeniable... Two of my faves!

Luke and Lorelai
Gilmore Girls (2001-2007, 2016-)

I recently watched the Gilmore Girls on Netflix and instantly loved it and loveeeeeee these two! Now I don't know if they have a ship name like Johnlock does but never the less, I love Lorelai and Luke so much! He is always looking after her and trying to stop her drinking so much coffee (and fails) and Lorelai tries to help Luke whenever she can. They always have each others backs and I ship them so badly!
Cannot wait to see what has happened to them in the new four part series in November!

Chloe and Clark
Smallville (2000-2011)

Smallville was basically my life in my teenager years. That and CSI and Merlin, like life couldn't get any better than that when these were on my telly!
Smallville tells the background story of Clark Kent, or as most people know him as the superhero Superman. From high school and college to their first jobs and later life, Clark and Chloe always had each others backs. Always there for each other, always trying to help each other and they were just so lovely together and I loved seeing their friendship grow over the 10 series.
I miss them sooooo much!

D'Artagnan and Constance
The Musketeers (2014-2016)

I adore this show so much and when it recently ended earlier this year, I was heartbroken.
D'Artagnan and Constance were the most badass, take no prisoners but most loving couple on the show. You really saw how they grew from friends and then into a relationship in the three series and this isn't a spoiler because you know they are going to get together. Their chemistry is too strong.
They were just so in love and it really did show.
Merlin (2008-2012)

My faves. Saving the best to last in my eyes. Merthur. Merlin and Arthur in other words.
From the get go, I shipped these soooo badly. Like from the very first episode alllll the way back in 2008 (20th September to be precise) to the final ever episode on 24th December 2012, Merthur was strong. Their chemistry is on fireeeeeeeee and the sexual tension is too strong for words.
I honestly believe that they did love each other. Whether it was a friendship love or love love, I don't know but they were always there for each in the good times and the bad and that is true love.
Well there you go! My five fave ships!
Who do you ship?
Keep your eyes peeled for the next fangirl post! Although speaking of fangirling, I am seeing my favourite band, You Me At Six, tomorrow so Sunday's post will probably be about that amazing night! Cannot waitttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!
Until next time


  1. I love Merlin, I haven't found many series that have been good apart from Stanger Things was really dark, slight influences of Donnie Darko, and very eighties movie, amazing sound track. Also Dr. Robot, was quite good felt as though it had a strong presence of Fight Club,(the book) still a good series. I watched Barbarians Rising, it's more of history documentary but filmed scene, amazing. The Bastard Execution was good as well slighty different and quite accurate to the times.

    1. Nothing will beat Merlin for me but Stranger Things was pretty good! And I have heard soooo many things about Dr Robot that I want to watch it now haha! x

  2. I can't believe that i didn't see yet any of those series!!Now i really want to start watch them to see if i will like those couples too haha

    xx Aphrodite ~ BubblyBeauty

    1. Do it! Most of them are on Netflix if you have that! They are all sooooo good and I love and miss them all so much! x


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