Twilight's got nothing on me

Final Halloween makeup look now and it comes in the form of a blood thirsty vampire! Read the witches look and cat tutorial here)

I swear down I am a vampire. I hate the sun, I like blood (in like tv shows and films etc haha) and bats are my favourite animal. The only thing is that I LOVEEEEEEEEEE garlic so basically I am screwed as a vampire, noooooooo!!!!

Any who, this blood curdling vampire makeup is so easy to do and doesn't take long at all so perfect if you are going out with your little monsters trick or treating or going to a monster mash!

So here is 'Halloweeeeeeen Vampire Tutorial'...

What I used:
Define Eyebrow brush, £1 (One Similar)
Primark's Batman Eyeliner, £1 Sale
Black lipstick (I used some face paint I got from a pound shop)
Fake blood (optional)
How to create the look:
First moisturise your face but do not put on any foundation just yet!
Starting with the eyes. If you fill in your eyebrows then do this!
On your eyelids, gently put your chosen red eye shadow and cover the full lid and in the crease slightly with your fingers or with a brush.
Take your black eye shadow and place that in the outer corner and in the crease, making sure it is blended in with the red. Blend that out so its faded at the top of your crease and outer side.
Draw on a flick eyeliner from the outer corner to the inner corner then put on some mascara.
Now it is time for your foundation. This makes sure that the eye makeup is all neat and tidy and so you don't have to keep on reapplying it if you do make mistake with your eye makeup.
Put on some killer black lippy! If you are using the fake blood then dab a couple drops of that on the corners of you lips and let them run down your chin and your scary look is complete!

I also drew a little tiny bat in the corner of one eye so you can to by drawing a freehand bat with your eyeliner but this is optional!

Well there you have it!
How batastic! Sorry I couldn't resist!
All that is left to say is that I hope you have a fab day today and...
Happy Halloween!!!
Until next time muhahahahahahaha

All photographs my own!


  1. I LOVE this halloween look, especially the really cute little bat on your cheek, the hooded eye look is killer as well! x

    1. Awww thank you lovely, I am glad you like the look! xx

  2. Loved this look! The eyeshadow is gorgeous!

    -Soph xoxo

    1. Awww thank you sweetie, I am glad you like it! x


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